Grade 3 buddies

The KC children have got buddies in Grade 3L. Each child in KC has been paired up with a child in 3L. Every Thursday afternoon (Week A) we go to visit our buddies or they come to visit us. For the last two weeks we have gone to the Grade 3 classrooms in the Kirin Building where the Grade 3 buddies have been teaching the Kindergarten children some of their favorite board games. Our Grade 3 buddies have become part of our KC learning community.

Building our class learning community

In free inquiry time some children wanted to go to the KC blog to look at the videos and photographs documenting their learning journey. After they had looked at recent posts on the KC blog, Kieran and Jaiden went the KP blog to see what the KP children were up to.

The latest post on the KP blog explained how Ruby, Scarlett and their mum were doing some internet research and found alphabet songs on YouTube. Ruby thought that the other children in her class might like to watch the videos so her mum emailed the links to Zoe. The children in KP asked Zoe to put the videos on the blog so they could share this learning resource with others.

Kieran and Jaiden liked the videos and thought that they would be useful for the rest of the children in KC since we are also learning about sounds. They shared the post with everyone in KC. The children in KC asked if I could post the videos on their blog as well, so their parents could learn the songs.

The KC children liked the alphabet videos so much that they asked me to tweet the link in case other children were learning about letters. Another Kindergarten class on the other side of the world tweeted back to say that they really liked the video because that’s just what they were learning about! The KC children tweeted back to ask them if they had any other good ideas for learning letters. We are waiting for their reply.

Since then we have received comments on our blog from several continents. One teacher in Australia made a QR code for our blog post so her students can find it independently. This has prompted me to explore possibilities with QR codes -a new area of learning for me!

This is a delightful example, initiated and followed up by students, of how class learning networks can support learning, for both students and teachers.