Sharing numerical thinking with parents

When the children came together to plan what learning they would share with parents this month, someone suggested one of the counting games we play regularly. This gave someone else an idea about a game with a 100 square. This made someone else think of a card game we often play. That reminded someone else of a dice game! Before long, we had a long list of number engagements to share at our monthly parent sharing session.

It is delightful to see the children so deeply engaged in explaining the games to their parents, offering help and sharing strategies when needed. This role reversal, with children as teachers and adults as learners is a powerful experience for both children and parents.

KC Math Investigations

Today during free inquiry time, I asked the children to use the time to find out more about numbers or patterns, the two mathematics strands we have been working on this term. Together we brainstormed some of the possibilities, and then the children went off to conduct their investigations. The children purposefully selected materials and got to work. The adults moved about the room observing and recording the children’s discussions.

It was wonderful to see how deeply engaged the children were, and how they were able to come up with investigations all by themselves.

Math Investigations on PhotoPeach

Free inquiry times provide an opportunity for children to practice skills and deepen understanding introduced in guided inquiry times.