KC Math Investigations

Today during free inquiry time, I asked the children to use the time to find out more about numbers or patterns, the two mathematics strands we have been working on this term. Together we brainstormed some of the possibilities, and then the children went off to conduct their investigations. The children purposefully selected materials and got to work. The adults moved about the room observing and recording the children’s discussions.

It was wonderful to see how deeply engaged the children were, and how they were able to come up with investigations all by themselves.

Math Investigations on PhotoPeach

Free inquiry times provide an opportunity for children to practice skills and deepen understanding introduced in guided inquiry times.

E-learning in KC

Last week, school was closed as Typhoon 15 approached. This provided an authentic, connected experience involving children, parents, co-teachers and the ES Curriculum Coordinator.

  • One child emailed me her work and I posted it on the blog.
  • I left a comment and others quicky added their comments.
  • Another child emailed me her work which I posted in a PhotoPeach. Soon others were leaving their comments.
  • A third child, inspired by a VoiceThread we had been working on earlier in the week, decided to share her pattern work in a VoiceThread.

Between 8 oclock and 3 oclock we were connected via emails, blog posts and web links.  Zoe and Ms Catasti were also part of our learning web, just like we were all at school.

The next day at school, several children who had not responded digitally, brought photographs and drawings to share. Although they had not had an online presence, they had clearly accessed the e-learning through the blog and had participated in other ways. In the days since, children have continued share their home-based inquiries in school via the blog.

This is a wonderful example of how we can use technology to support teaching and learning, even with young children, and of the power of being digitally connected.

KC Pattern movie clips

Elif is a technology teacher at our school. She helps teachers and students to integrate technology into their teaching and learning. Mrs. Cancemi, who taught the children in ELC, had a good idea about how the children could take photographs to make short movie clips to show their patterns. Elif came into our classroom to help the children make the idea happen.

Have a look at the video clips below. Can you guess the patterns?

Typhoon Day

Today there is no school because Typhoon 15 looks like it will pass though Yokohama and Tokyo. It is VERY wet where I live! I wonder what the weather is like where you are?

Typhoon "Nabi" - 4PM 09/05/2005 JST

Even though we are all in different places, and not in our classroom, we can use the blog to continue with our inquiries and our learning.

You could:

  • listen to the new comments on the VoiceThread and leave some comments on your friends’ photos.
  • look at the pattern photographs taken by Mr Farrell and Zoe and make some drawings or take photographs of patterns around your house.
  • look at the videos made by Eric Carle, explaining how he makes his illustrations.
  • start a new piece of writing. Remember to add details to your drawings or your text to help the reader to get a clear picture in their mind.

Remember to click on the blue to links to get to the relevant blog posts.