Reviewing personal writing goals

The children have been reflecting on their writing development. Individually, they looked through their writing books, comparing their writing at the beginning of the year and their writing now. Then they worked with their writing partner, looking together at each other’s writing, noticing how the writing had improved. Finally, we met as a whole group and the children shared their observations.

  • The illustrations have more details.
  • Before there was no text.
  • Now we can write letters.
  • We can stretch the words to hear the sounds.
  • We can write with lower case letters.
  • Now we know about speech bubbles.
  • We don’t need a teacher to help us.
  • We can do full stops and sentences.
  • We leave spaces so (the writing) is easier to read.
  • We know tricky words with silent letters.

We made a VoiceThread and the children reflected on their personal writing goals. This is a work in progress. I have been adding my reflections to the children’s. It would be lovely if parents, siblings and other family members and friends could add their reflections also. Getting and giving feedback on writing is an important part of the writing process.

Literature as a way of understanding

Stories can be a powerful way of helping children to understand the world around them. I asked our librarian, Mrs Kar, if she could recommend some picture books that I could use to help the children explore the concept of learning journeys. She found several books, and I chose “Clem Always Could” by Sarah Watt.

The story is about a boy called Clem who thinks he could always do the things he can do now. When, one day, he has to learn something new, he is worried about what will happen. I read the book several times, so the children were familiar with the story and had time to think about it. Then we talked about the story and thought about the big idea that the author wanted to communicate.

I asked the children to think about a time in their own lives when they had to learn something new, and to show their thoughts on paper. Recently we have been talking about the techniques that illustrators use to help their readers get a clear picture. I reminded the children of some of these techniques and the children got to work. Once the illustrations were finished, we photographed them and put them in a VoiceThread. Over the next week, the children will add voice comments to their photographs. The children have made several VoiceThreads before and are beginning to understand how VoiceThread can be used as a tool for sharing and collaborating with a wider audience.

It would be wonderful if others could add their comments to the photographs, particularly family members or friends who might remember the events described in the illustrations. It is the possibilities for involving others through voice comments that makes VoiceThread such a powerful tool.

KC Personal Reflections

As part of our unit of inquiry into where we are in place and time, throughout the year the children will be reflecting on their personal learning journeys and on how their growth and development leads to new opportunities. The children have been thinking about things they can do now that they couldn’t do before. They recorded their thoughts on the VoiceThread below.

The children would be delighted if you could share your thoughts on what you notice your child/ sibling/ grandchild/friend can do now that they couldn’t do before. Simply click the comment button on the voice thread to record your comments. Your child can show you how. (Your comments may not show up immediately. I may have to moderate them first.)