GIN CAS Cookie Baking Reflection

As members of GIN CAS, we wanted to make the homeless people happy. We discussed different methods of how we could do that and came up with an excellent solution. We wanted baked cookies with the money red and white gave us, but we didn’t have any place or the tools to bake them. Dragon Dining to the rescue! They let us borrow their oven and other utilities to bake them and make homeless people happy. It only took 2 hours because we also got help from the chefs as well. It was a great success and we could not have done it without the help from red and white, dragon dining, and google. THANKS! Here are some of the photos we took. 

Leader ship retreat Reflection

We learned a lot of things in the leader ship retreat. We learned how to work as a group, how to talk in front of the audience and what we are going to do in GINCAS. I am the leader of the group PLAY (Plant Life Around Yokohama)

In the group PLAY we are going to plant life around our school and Yokohama. Im pretty sure that we will have problems and concerns but I am looking forward to our actions and success. We have a few goals for our group to achieve until the end of the year.

  1. Find permission regarding which areas we are able to plant our saplings and seeds.
  2. Care for the already planted green life in our community (water them, tend them etc).

These are our main goals. After achieving these goals we have more goals to achieve.

  1. Plant a minimum of 10 trees and plants before the next semester beings.
  2. Have monthly excursions to parks and areas where we are able to plant green life.
  3. Start planting trees and such in our school campus.

So far we have those ideas but as we achieve them we would like to make new goals and keep on going on. I am looking forward for another great year in GINCAS and keep on having fun with my buddies in PLAY.

We are PLAY, planting green life Block by Block.



Gin Cas Project

Today in our class we had done a project and done a presentation about four subjects of skills. And we chose our team out of 17 goals to achieve. I had chose the 14th one which is the one to save dead fishes in the sea. Who my group is Yuki in 7th grade and Juan in 8th grade. Our goal for our group is to take as much of garbage around the ocean and take them so we can have less fishes being dead.

group PLAY

Today, we went to YCAC for the leadership retreat. We picked global goal we are going to work on. Our group is PLAY (Plant Life Around Yokohama) Boys. We are Yui, Noa, Lukus, Await, Takumi and me(Adam). Yui is the leader of our team, Noa is the poster master, Lukus is the one who keep control of goals and blog posts(Emails), Await is the Co poster/Advertisements, Takumi is the one who keep control of action plans as well as document meetings, and i am the general helper / assistants for all members. We have 5 goals for this year. They are: 1.Get permission to plant in specific areas. 2.Minimum of 10 plants (trees and flowers). 3.Care for plants and trees around the local community (once per 2 months). 4.Start planting green life at school. 5.Have excursions.

We are PLAY, planting green life Block by Block.

-Adam Yun

The origin of the group PLAY

Today on the leadership retreat, we were able to pick our selected groups regarding the global goals. All along, I’ve been interested in environmental health and been against deforestation. I along with several other members decided to form a group known as PLAY. (Plant Life Around Yokohama) Our goal and intention is to populate our local community with planting plants resulting in the growth of green life in Yokohama.

We are all anxious to get the project starting, however there are certain things and near goals that we must achieve in order to begin our project. Such as:

  1. Find permission regarding which areas we are able to plant our saplings and seeds
  2. Care for the already planted green life in our community (water them, tend them etc)

Once these 2 MAIN goals are achieved, we will then be able to:

  1. Plant a minimum of 10 trees and plants before the next semester beings
  2. Have monthly excursions to parks and areas where we are able to plant green life
  3. Start planting trees and such in our school campus.

Overall, I’m very excited to begin our project and take forward the idea that I’ve been interested for a long period of time, I’m also very excited to see how this group will be able to work together in order to achieve all of our goals set today.

We are PLAY, planting green life Block by Block.

-Lukus Mui

Ocean Clean up – May 14.

On may 14th, we went to Yuigahama beach to clean up the ocean. We picked up garbages that was along the ocean. There wasn’t much garbage around the ocean but we found a lot of packages of snacks. We saw a lot of crows which were messing around with the garbages and also for the foods, the crows made a lot of mess. One of the problem on Saturday was that only three people who were all in ocean clean up participated so it was difficult to clean up effective since we needed more participants. Output next goal is to gather more participants to clean up more effect fly and our ideas on making this happen is to make a competition out of how much garbage you collected so that more people would participate in ocean clean up.

Reflection of the Year

Hi, we are the Animal Shelter Group.

We are very pleased with the donation that we were able to make for KSPCA (Kanagawa Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals/神奈川県動物愛護協会). We think that it was very successful.

However, after the visit that we had, we were unsure of what to do. There wasn’t exactly much time, and we wanted to do something small-scale.

We decided to create a poster about preventing “unneeded” animals. Animals can grow its number very quickly, and it is important to sterilise those animals, especially cats.

The poster is like this:

We could put this online. We are hoping to raise awareness of this problem.

Overall, we think that we did well this year. Next year, there probably won’t be anyone in the group, but we are hoping to see action made for abandoned animals.

Elementary Assembly Reflection

Hello 🙂

Last Friday, we have done a simple game at the Elementary School Assembly. Our aim of this game was to make people be aware of how it is to live with a disability like blindness. 

Somethings we did well;
  • We were able to fit our game in time
  • We chose an appropriate age of kids so that they could answer the question at the end
Things we could improve;
  • it might have been better to ask a little bit more questions
  • we could have been more organized because we put the notebooks on the floor so only the front row could see them
  • we could have done more than just notebooks because it was probably too easy and short


Here are photos of how it looked like;

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 9.39.54 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 9.40.16 AM


Thanks For Reading ♡

Red and White Reflection Part 2.

The Red and White committee assembled some things we found good and could improve on for next year’s Red and White. We held our second concert in April.

We found that planning and making sure everyone knows what they are doing is one of the most important things. Having lists and shared documents and a set schedule helped us stay on track. Also chasing the charity earlier on helped us.

Improvements can be made both backstage and on-stage. We thought a video promotion for the concert can be a fun way to advertise the concert. Also a reward for the winner could be nice, a small prize. We noticed announcing the colour of the performances in important. At the concert it is very crucial to keep reminding the audience why the concert is being held, which is for charity. At the beginning of the concert we had the Chiku group talk about their group and cause to give the audience a good understanding about the charity. We had a game in our second red and white, which was a fun way to get the audience involved. But it went on for too long and we had to rush it at the end.

Overall making the concert interesting and exciting will make it successful.

Fruit Delivery for the Chiku Center!

Over the course of the past month/two months, we, the Chiku Center group have made a goal to purchase fruits using the money collected at the Red and White charity concert. We started off by writing a proposal to the R&W committee regarding the things we would of liked to do with the kind donations from the YIS community. We were fortunate enough to receive the money and visited a local supermarket on May/11/2016 (Wednesday) to purchase a total of 150 apples, and 126 Oranges! Then, on Friday May/12/2016, we took the fruits down to the Chiku Center.

IMG_0164IMG_0163 IMG_0161


Once again, we would like to thank everyone who donated the money to this charity as without the fruits, we would have been unable to put a smile on the homeless’ face.

Chiku Center