Animals – Semester 1 Goal

The animals group’s focus on the animals shelter, our goal for semester 1 is visit a dog/cat shelter to research about the situation the dog/cat are in now. After we visit a animal shelter, we will make video or poster about animals in animal shelters.

Ocean Clean-up – Semester 1 Goal!

The Ocean Clean-up, is a group that’s main concept is to leave no rubbish on the beach or ocean.

Our goal for the first semester, is to do ocean cleaning at least once. We have never put in action of cleaning the beach, so we want to be the first group in MS GIN to go to a beach and pick up rubbish.

To do this, we will follow our task procedure and finish at least one task every week in GIN.

Gender Equality – Semester 1 Goal

The Gender Equality group’s main goal for semester 1 is to learn more about how gender inequality affects developing countries. We will also focus on raising awareness and raising money to foundations that help solve this problem in areas where it is problem. Another way we will help is to spread word about the HeForShe campaign that aims to start a movement for gender equality. We hope to achieve these goals for semester 1 so that we can build on our ideas in semester 2, and hopefully aid the people affected by gender inequality.

Marine Animals – Semester 1 Goal

The Marine Animals Group is focusing on learning a lot more about the common dangers that pose as threats to sea creatures, especially the ones humans are creating, and then raising awareness about those dangers. Along with raising awareness, we would like to tell people about what they could do, besides just donating money – such as refusing to eat in restaurants that serve shark fin soup and so. Aside from raising awareness, we are also trying to raise money to donate to an organisation that focuses on protecting marine animals as well. Hopefully, we will be able to do this by the end of this semester and continue on in the second as well.

Child cancer group-semester 1 goals

Our group are focusing on Child cancer and stuff and I how it affects people. We planned goals that we think are suitable to be achievable for the end of the semester.  The goals are raising awareness and raising money for the Organization we chose.  We hope that we can complete this goal by the end of the semester

Today’s Meeting Agenda

  1. Check the Verycross list is updated and correct

  2. Groups to share action plan
    Whales/dolphins (changed name to Marine Life)
    Gender equality group

  3. Finish research and make goals for this semester

  4. Blog post stating your group’s goal – blog updaters to meet with Miss W