Child Cancer group Semester 1 Reflection

At the start of the year, our group had an aim to raise awareness around the entire school.  I think our group has done quite well to achieve that aim but I think there are some places that we will need to improve on.

Overall I think we did a fantastic job on our posters because we put quite a lot of detail about our group and what we are trying to achieve. We also put some useful organisations that people may like to visit to help child cancer, as well as including a couple eye catching photos.  There are some places we can improve in, firstly, we could improve on getting our ideas in to real things faster.  What we mean by that is that, we could have took more actions. We had great ideas that might actually work but we haven’t actually used them to make the final product.  And when we finally did, it seemed too slow and if we did the posters faster we could have gotten more views by a lot of people.  Also, another problem was that we sometimes didn’t do what we decided to do.  What we mean by that is, at the very end of each meeting our group get’s together and think what we have to do for next time.  We perfectly decide what we have to do but, by the next class some of our group members hasn’t done it, making it hard to go on to the next step of our project and it means we have to keep postpone the due date of our project.  So if we clear up those problems we can start to put up our project and get more views from the people.


Here is a poster we are currently trying to put up around the school, but this will be after we get approval from Mr. Snowball. Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 10.15.00 PM

Gender Equality Progress

Our goal for this semester was to find out more about gender equality in different parts of the world. To do this, we first researched a bit and once we had gathered some information, we started to discuss the major issues involving gender inequality. One of the things that came up was Emma Watson’s ‘He For She Campaign’. We then each watched the video and shared our opinions about this topic. After that we looked for organisations that support gender equality. We did this so that we know which organisation we could trust and then raise money for. We are planning to raise a bit of money in the next semester with activities like bake sales and similar charity causes. Another thing we achieved this semester was that we made a few posters to raise awareness in our school that gender inequality is still an issue,a and we are planning to put them up soon.