Ocean Clean up Group – Semester 1 Reflection

From looking at other posts, you might already have an idea of what this post is going to be about. To start off, I’ll be introducing our group. We are the MS GIN ocean group. In our group, we look at how we make our ocean a better place.

Last month, we have finally succeeded our goal for this semester in GIN. As you may know, a lot of groups have made a poster of their topic. However, we did something different. Out of all the beaches in yokohama, Shichirigahama beach was our choice of decision to attempt on cleaning garbages. It was a successful journey yet, we didn’t attain the expected amount of trash. So something we should keep in mind next time is to choose a different beach.

After what we’ve done, we started thinking about our semester 2 goal. We had some really great ideas such as cleaning up beaches more than once in a semester. Or even cooperating with the local people of shichirigahama who cleans the beach every week. Also, promote our service at the middle school assembly or put it in the middle school daily bulletin.

Overall, it was a great opportunity to work with different people and learn different ways to overcome pollution. We are all looking forward to what we can do next semester in GIN.