Ocean Clean Up Goals

Our goals for the semester:

  1.  Make the ocean clean and find out what is the reason that the ocean is getting dirty.
  2. To go to oceans around us and cleaning up garbage on the ocean to make the environment better.
  3. To inform people about the problem of dirty oceans and asking people to keep the problem in mind when they go to the beach.
  4. We know what the reason and is working to resolve the problem.
  5. When we go to the ocean and clean up, afterwards, we should not see any garbage on the beach and the beach should be as clean as possible.
  6. We could research more about when the ocean started getting dirty

We plan to go to the seas around Kamakura and we also mailed the high school Gincas if we can go clean the ocean together.
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Ocean Clean-Up Group- Introduction

We are the Ocean Clean-up group from MS GIN/CAS. We have been working, and researching about the issue of garbages on the beaches and in the oceans. We know from our experiences that there are garbages on mostly every place we go, and in the ocean, garbages are a big issue because when people throw away garbages on the beach, it goes into the ocean and sea creatures might eat it, or it might be poisonous to the creatures underwater. We are planning to go to the ocean “hachirigahama”, or “shonan” to clean up the beaches by throwing away garbages. We are planning to work with the HS Ocean Clean-up group and plan the trips to go clean up the beaches.

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Middle School Chiku Center

Hello, we are the Middle School Chiku Center Group. We help cook and make food for the homeless people about once a month on Fridays. Our SDGs are Poverty and Hunger. The issue that caused us to want to help is homeless people getting hungry and starving. This is why we want to help. It is also very fun to interact and make friends with all the people in the community. IMG_0100

Childhood Centre Group – introduction

Hello, We are the Children Cancer group. Our group is made up by, Manami, Sea, Rachel, Yoshie, Jaemin, Alex, Larissa and Ayaka. Manami and I are the blog updaters for the Child Cancer Group and the group leaders are Larissa and Alex.


We are not really knowledgeable yet, but we are looking forward to learn more about children cancer.

Animal Shelter Group’s 1st post!!!

Hi! We are the Animal Shelter group from GIN CAS. Our aim for this year is to do our best to help animals from animal shelter and people who work in there. We will have bake sales and other things during the year, so please be excited for the events!