Ocean clean up – Nov.17

  • What have you succeeded in doing so far?

We the 15.Nov we went to 七里が浜 (Shichirigahama) beach, for cleaning up the litter. We collaborated with the HS and went to clean up the ocean as a team. We gathered into small teams, and picked up the trashes. Separating papers and plastics differently.

  • What are the strengths of your team?

The strength of our team is that we have a very strong friendship, and we work very efficiently together. We are all wanting to cooperate, and we have different ideas, so as a whole we form a better community.

  • In what areas, could your team improve?

We could improve on encouraging more people to come to the ocean cleanup, and making more posters to inform people about the problems of the ocean.

  • What are your group’s next steps?

Our next goal is to go visit the beach that is dirtier, and to encourage people to come to the ocean clean up activity.

Assembly & Bake Sale


On November 11th, we talked in the assembly about our goal and what we would do for our animal shelter group.

The Red & White Team also presented that all of the money will go to the animal shelter in Hakuraku.IMG_0285

Bake Sale

On November 17th, we did a bake sale. Because we didn’t put it on the Daily, not many knew about it so some people came unprepared for it. However, during the morning break and lunch, we were able to sale all of the baked goods, which were cookies, pound cakes, and brownies. (Cookies were 50 yen, pound cakes were 100 yen, and brownies were 150 yen.) Our profit were 4260 yen, and we are really satisfied. Next time, we will post these things on the Daily.

We will donate these money when we collect the money from Red & White, and also unneeded things.


Childhood Center Group – New idea


This week, we were working with enthusiasms(as always). The main thing we did this week was to change our top 1 idea of our project from Larissa. This idea is about playing with the young kids using the play-do. By doing this, we hope that we can make the kids more happy and entertained.

I hope this idea works 🙂


Childhood Center Group

Red and White – Mid Semester Reflection

We have already found a charity to donate the money collected the Red and White to. We are advertising around school with posters and at food fair we had a stand to advertise Red and White even more.

Our teams strength is we all help each other and contribute to team discussions. But we could definitely work more on the team work. Since we are “separated’ into subgroups we tend to work with just those groups.

Our group’s next steps are to hold our auditions and make sure everything is ready for the concert.

What we are planning to do

On November 17th, we are planning for a bake sale and use the money to donate to the animal shelter that we have talked about in the previous blog post. After the bake sale, we will contact the animal shelter and ask for a visit and donation.

Chiku Group Mid Semester reflection

Hello we are the Chiku center group from MS GIN. It’s been approximately 2 months and we’ve completed many achievements. Firstly, we have visited the Chiku Center twice. Both the times, we have continued to organise each visit better and better.  Our Strengths are organisation. We think we can improve on giving more time for the students to give food to the Chiku center. Currently, we are thinking of adding a competition  for classes that donate the most food to give to the Chiku Center. Our next step is to improve on time management for putting information on the daily.


Chiku Centre Goals

Our Goals: Collect food to take to the Chiku Centre

Fresh vegetables are not easy to fall upon at the Chiku centre so our goal is to collect lot’s of fresh vegetables and rice so we can make it easier for the cooks and a more delicious meal.

To complete this goal we are going to have a food collection throughout the week.  That way we will have lots of food to take to the center.

Childhood centre – Reseach

This week, the childhood centre group have been doing research of hospitals. We are thinking to visiting a hospital and give children with heavy illness a present or maybe even few presents as a Christmas present.

For next week, we would like to actually start phone calling the hospitals.

About the Animal Shelter

The animal shelter that we would like to help first is Kanagawa Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (KSPCA). They preserve around 80 animals, including dogs, cats, birds, raccoon, and so on.  They supply the animals with food supplies, toiletries, and find them owners to make them happy. The reason why we wanted to help the animals and animal shelter is because around 250 thousand pets are being killed each year in Japan. This is a severe problem.