Children’s Day // Childhood Center Group

Hello we are the Childhood Centre Group.

We came up with several new ideas in today’s meeting which we can make it happen at YIS.

Our idea is to do a festival(?) on the children’s day which is May 5th. We think this will be a great idea because we have enough time to plan, make things, etc. In this project, we hope to be able to

  • make something to eat, for example, cupcake, cookies, etc
  • have some games related to children. For example quiz

Red and White Reflection

The Red and White group discussed how we could improve for the next Red and White concerts.

These are the things we discussed:


  • 1 more person in the set up committee

To Do

  • make posters earlier on
  • promote charity on posters
  • talk in assembly

To improve

  • choose charity earlier
  • send out signup earlier
  • put money boxes in the foyer after red and white
  • more boxes to donate money
  • faster planning
  • games
  • involve PTSA
  • interact with audience more
  • more variety of performances
  • mix up the acts

Chiku Center Main Reflection:

In November we the challenge we had was getting people to donate food. To encourage them to bring food, we had a competition in between the classes. This worked very well but we could do better. As the year goes on, we are going to try and improve the donations. The problem we had was where to put the food when someone brought it. The bin we had was hard to see so we got let food because people didn’t know where to put it. For semester two, we are planning to go to the Chiku Center even more than we go now. We are also going to try very hard to get people to donate more food.


Our Plan for the 2nd Semester

In the first semester, we were able to raise a lot of money, thanks to students and teachers. We organised a bake sale and were also able to raise money in the Red and White Concert. In total we were able to raise 41,393 yen! Now, for the second semester, we are planning to actually give the money to the animal shelter. We are planning to do this by contacting the animal shelter and if possible, ask them to come to our school and teach us about their activities. If not, we are planning to go there and give the money there.

Our plan – Childhood centre group

During the vacation on our first meeting of 2016, we have chosen our plan. Our plan is to visit the children with eye sight disabilities. To make this happen, our plan is to meet Ms. Nakagawa on the 14th on January after school. We are hoping we will be able to plan more after the meeting with Ms. Nakagawa.