Ocean clean up – Reflection (23, Feb)

On Feb. 21 we went to shichirigahama to clean up the ocean. Something that worked well was that we we’re all on time, and we all brought the equipment we needed. Also, we cooperated as a group, and put strength and efforts on cleaning up the ocean. Something that we didn’t prepare was where we would throw away the garbage because we didn’t research about where we would throw away the garbage. Another thing that we could’ve improved was that we struggle going to the beach, so next time, we need to research carefully of how to go to the beach.
Overall, we think we did well at achieving our goals. However, not many students had participated in ocean clean up activity, so we think that maybe we could expand the limits of people who could participate in ocean clean up. Next time when we go to the beach, our goals are to invite more people, so that we can make the environment better. Also, we would like to inform more people about the problem of dirty oceans, and raise the awareness of littering.