Inviting the Animal Shelter to the Assembly

At the assembly on Feb. 25, we were able to donate the money to the Animal Shelter. We invited the head of the Animal Shelter to come and tell us about their activities. In the assembly, there were many things that went well. We were able to invite her and we were able to donate the money. We also worked well as a group to organise this. However, there were few things that did not go well.  When we were inviting her, there were some problems with email. There was not much time from when we sent the first FAX to the date of the assembly. We were also late at responding emails sometimes. On the last email, we found out that we were mixing up the dates and we sent the last email on the day before the assembly.


Therefore, from next time we would like to improve some things. We would like to be more organised and plan out what exactly we are going to do and when. By doing this, the people we are inviting will have more time to prepare and there would not be last-minute email sent. Our next goal would be to collect the unused pet objects and visit the Animal Shelter.