Fruit Delivery for the Chiku Center!

Over the course of the past month/two months, we, the Chiku Center group have made a goal to purchase fruits using the money collected at the Red and White charity concert. We started off by writing a proposal to the R&W committee regarding the things we would of liked to do with the kind donations from the YIS community. We were fortunate enough to receive the money and visited a local supermarket on May/11/2016 (Wednesday) to purchase a total of 150 apples, and 126 Oranges! Then, on Friday May/12/2016, we took the fruits down to the Chiku Center.

IMG_0164IMG_0163 IMG_0161


Once again, we would like to thank everyone who donated the money to this charity as without the fruits, we would have been unable to put a smile on the homeless’ face.

Chiku Center

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