group PLAY

Today, we went to YCAC for the leadership retreat. We picked global goal we are going to work on. Our group is PLAY (Plant Life Around Yokohama) Boys. We are Yui, Noa, Lukus, Await, Takumi and me(Adam). Yui is the leader of our team, Noa is the poster master, Lukus is the one who keep control of goals and blog posts(Emails), Await is the Co poster/Advertisements, Takumi is the one who keep control of action plans as well as document meetings, and i am the general helper / assistants for all members. We have 5 goals for this year. They are: 1.Get permission to plant in specific areas. 2.Minimum of 10 plants (trees and flowers). 3.Care for plants and trees around the local community (once per 2 months). 4.Start planting green life at school. 5.Have excursions.

We are PLAY, planting green life Block by Block.

-Adam Yun

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