The origin of the group PLAY

Today on the leadership retreat, we were able to pick our selected groups regarding the global goals. All along, I’ve been interested in environmental health and been against deforestation. I along with several other members decided to form a group known as PLAY. (Plant Life Around Yokohama) Our goal and intention is┬áto populate our local community with planting plants resulting in the growth of green life in Yokohama.

We are all anxious to get the project starting, however there are certain things and near goals that we must achieve in order to begin our project. Such as:

  1. Find permission regarding which areas we are able to plant our saplings and seeds
  2. Care for the already planted green life in our community (water them, tend them etc)

Once these 2 MAIN goals are achieved, we will then be able to:

  1. Plant a minimum of 10 trees and plants before the next semester beings
  2. Have monthly excursions to parks and areas where we are able to plant green life
  3. Start planting trees and such in our school campus.

Overall, I’m very excited to begin our project and take forward the idea that I’ve been interested for a long period of time, I’m also very excited to see how this group will be able to work together in order to achieve all of our goals set today.

We are PLAY, planting green life Block by Block.

-Lukus Mui

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