Fruit Delivery for the Chiku Center!

Over the course of the past month/two months, we, the Chiku Center group have made a goal to purchase fruits using the money collected at the Red and White charity concert. We started off by writing a proposal to the R&W committee regarding the things we would of liked to do with the kind donations from the YIS community. We were fortunate enough to receive the money and visited a local supermarket on May/11/2016 (Wednesday) to purchase a total of 150 apples, and 126 Oranges! Then, on Friday May/12/2016, we took the fruits down to the Chiku Center.

IMG_0164IMG_0163 IMG_0161


Once again, we would like to thank everyone who donated the money to this charity as without the fruits, we would have been unable to put a smile on the homeless’ face.

Chiku Center

Chiku Group Mid Semester reflection

Hello we are the Chiku center group from MS GIN. It’s been approximately 2 months and we’ve completed many achievements. Firstly, we have visited the Chiku Center twice. Both the times, we have continued to organise each visit better and better.  Our Strengths are organisation. We think we can improve on giving more time for the students to give food to the Chiku center. Currently, we are thinking of adding a competition  for classes that donate the most food to give to the Chiku Center. Our next step is to improve on time management for putting information on the daily.


Middle School Chiku Center

Hello, we are the Middle School Chiku Center Group. We help cook and make food for the homeless people about once a month on Fridays. Our SDGs are Poverty and Hunger. The issue that caused us to want to help is homeless people getting hungry and starving. This is why we want to help. It is also very fun to interact and make friends with all the people in the community. IMG_0100