Leader ship retreat Reflection

We learned a lot of things in the leader ship retreat. We learned how to work as a group, how to talk in front of the audience and what we are going to do in GINCAS. I am the leader of the group PLAY (Plant Life Around Yokohama)

In the group PLAY we are going to plant life around our school and Yokohama. Im pretty sure that we will have problems and concerns but I am looking forward to our actions and success. We have a few goals for our group to achieve until the end of the year.

  1. Find permission regarding which areas we are able to plant our saplings and seeds.
  2. Care for the already planted green life in our community (water them, tend them etc).

These are our main goals. After achieving these goals we have more goals to achieve.

  1. Plant a minimum of 10 trees and plants before the next semester beings.
  2. Have monthly excursions to parks and areas where we are able to plant green life.
  3. Start planting trees and such in our school campus.

So far we have those ideas but as we achieve them we would like to make new goals and keep on going on. I am looking forward for another great year in GINCAS and keep on having fun with my buddies in PLAY.

We are PLAY, planting green life Block by Block.