Reflection of the Year

Hi, we are the Animal Shelter Group.

We are very pleased with the donation that we were able to make for KSPCA (Kanagawa Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals/神奈川県動物愛護協会). We think that it was very successful.

However, after the visit that we had, we were unsure of what to do. There wasn’t exactly much time, and we wanted to do something small-scale.

We decided to create a poster about preventing “unneeded” animals. Animals can grow its number very quickly, and it is important to sterilise those animals, especially cats.

The poster is like this:

We could put this online. We are hoping to raise awareness of this problem.

Overall, we think that we did well this year. Next year, there probably won’t be anyone in the group, but we are hoping to see action made for abandoned animals.

Inviting the Animal Shelter to the Assembly

At the assembly on Feb. 25, we were able to donate the money to the Animal Shelter. We invited the head of the Animal Shelter to come and tell us about their activities. In the assembly, there were many things that went well. We were able to invite her and we were able to donate the money. We also worked well as a group to organise this. However, there were few things that did not go well.  When we were inviting her, there were some problems with email. There was not much time from when we sent the first FAX to the date of the assembly. We were also late at responding emails sometimes. On the last email, we found out that we were mixing up the dates and we sent the last email on the day before the assembly.


Therefore, from next time we would like to improve some things. We would like to be more organised and plan out what exactly we are going to do and when. By doing this, the people we are inviting will have more time to prepare and there would not be last-minute email sent. Our next goal would be to collect the unused pet objects and visit the Animal Shelter.


Our Plan for the 2nd Semester

In the first semester, we were able to raise a lot of money, thanks to students and teachers. We organised a bake sale and were also able to raise money in the Red and White Concert. In total we were able to raise 41,393 yen! Now, for the second semester, we are planning to actually give the money to the animal shelter. We are planning to do this by contacting the animal shelter and if possible, ask them to come to our school and teach us about their activities. If not, we are planning to go there and give the money there.

GIN CAS: Animal Shelter Group List

Here is a list of what we will be glad to accept for donation:

Dogs and cat food

Dogs and cat food dish

Dogs and cat toys (unused)

Claw sharpener for cats


Collar for dogs and cats (small and medium-sized) lead for dogs (unused)

Small plastic bag (use for walk)


Laundry detergent, dish detergent, sponge to wash the dishes

Garbage bags


Toilet Paper



Assembly & Bake Sale


On November 11th, we talked in the assembly about our goal and what we would do for our animal shelter group.

The Red & White Team also presented that all of the money will go to the animal shelter in Hakuraku.IMG_0285

Bake Sale

On November 17th, we did a bake sale. Because we didn’t put it on the Daily, not many knew about it so some people came unprepared for it. However, during the morning break and lunch, we were able to sale all of the baked goods, which were cookies, pound cakes, and brownies. (Cookies were 50 yen, pound cakes were 100 yen, and brownies were 150 yen.) Our profit were 4260 yen, and we are really satisfied. Next time, we will post these things on the Daily.

We will donate these money when we collect the money from Red & White, and also unneeded things.


What we are planning to do

On November 17th, we are planning for a bake sale and use the money to donate to the animal shelter that we have talked about in the previous blog post. After the bake sale, we will contact the animal shelter and ask for a visit and donation.

About the Animal Shelter

The animal shelter that we would like to help first is Kanagawa Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (KSPCA). They preserve around 80 animals, including dogs, cats, birds, raccoon, and so on.  They supply the animals with food supplies, toiletries, and find them owners to make them happy. The reason why we wanted to help the animals and animal shelter is because around 250 thousand pets are being killed each year in Japan. This is a severe problem.

Animal Shelter Group’s 1st post!!!

Hi! We are the Animal Shelter group from GIN CAS. Our aim for this year is to do our best to help animals from animal shelter and people who work in there. We will have bake sales and other things during the year, so please be excited for the events!