Gender Equality Progress

Our goal for this semester was to find out more about gender equality in different parts of the world. To do this, we first researched a bit and once we had gathered some information, we started to discuss the major issues involving gender inequality. One of the things that came up was Emma Watson’s ‘He For She Campaign’. We then each watched the video and shared our opinions about this topic. After that we looked for organisations that support gender equality. We did this so that we know which organisation we could trust and then raise money for. We are planning to raise a bit of money in the next semester with activities like bake sales and similar charity causes. Another thing we achieved this semester was that we made a few posters to raise awareness in our school that gender inequality is still an issue,a and we are planning to put them up soon.

Gender Equality – Semester 1 Goal

The Gender Equality group’s main goal for semester 1 is to learn more about how gender inequality affects developing countries. We will also focus on raising awareness and raising money to foundations that help solve this problem in areas where it is problem. Another way we will help is to spread word about the HeForShe campaign that aims to start a movement for gender equality. We hope to achieve these goals for semester 1 so that we can build on our ideas in semester 2, and hopefully aid the people affected by gender inequality.