Red and White Reflection Part 2.

The Red and White committee assembled some things we found good and could improve on for next year’s Red and White. We held our second concert in April.

We found that planning and making sure everyone knows what they are doing is one of the most important things. Having lists and shared documents and a set schedule helped us stay on track. Also chasing the charity earlier on helped us.

Improvements can be made both backstage and on-stage. We thought a video promotion for the concert can be a fun way to advertise the concert. Also a reward for the winner could be nice, a small prize. We noticed announcing the colour of the performances in important. At the concert it is very crucial to keep reminding the audience why the concert is being held, which is for charity. At the beginning of the concert we had the Chiku group talk about their group and cause to give the audience a good understanding about the charity. We had a game in our second red and white, which was a fun way to get the audience involved. But it went on for too long and we had to rush it at the end.

Overall making the concert interesting and exciting will make it successful.

Red and White Reflection

The Red and White group discussed how we could improve for the next Red and White concerts.

These are the things we discussed:


  • 1 more person in the set up committee

To Do

  • make posters earlier on
  • promote charity on posters
  • talk in assembly

To improve

  • choose charity earlier
  • send out signup earlier
  • put money boxes in the foyer after red and white
  • more boxes to donate money
  • faster planning
  • games
  • involve PTSA
  • interact with audience more
  • more variety of performances
  • mix up the acts

Red and White – Mid Semester Reflection

We have already found a charity to donate the money collected the Red and White to. We are advertising around school with posters and at food fair we had a stand to advertise Red and White even more.

Our teams strength is we all help each other and contribute to team discussions. But we could definitely work more on the team work. Since we are “separated’ into subgroups we tend to work with just those groups.

Our group’s next steps are to hold our auditions and make sure everything is ready for the concert.