Singapore Visit November ’12

In our Middle School GIN-CAS team, 8 students were selected to fly to Singapore to attend the 2012 GIN-CAS conference in Singapore. The 8 students that attended were Marshall, Kazuki, Yuki, Mia, Emily, Naomi, Sophie and Hye-Won. During the conference the kids attended workshops, lectures, many fun activities, and performances. These 8 GIN-CAS representatives have been working on forming a plan to help other people.
We saw many inspirational speakers talking about many things that are issues in the world. When we saw these speakers many of them were promoting their NGO (Non Government Organization). After visiting many of these NGO’s we decided on one NGO to support. We chose an organization called Room to Read. An organization which helps issues such as poor education and gender equality within education. Though after we research more on this NGO we decided it may not be great for our school. So from that we created our own plan that involved experience and learning. We plan to do a Read-a-thon and an experience week for our year 8 students. For the experience week we will try and show kids how some people in our world live and don’t have access to the same resources we do. Our GIN-CAS group is now working to put this plan in action by June 21st of 2013.