Ocean clean up – Reflection (23, Feb)

On Feb. 21 we went to shichirigahama to clean up the ocean. Something that worked well was that we we’re all on time, and we all brought the equipment we needed. Also, we cooperated as a group, and put strength and efforts on cleaning up the ocean. Something that we didn’t prepare was where we would throw away the garbage because we didn’t research about where we would throw away the garbage. Another thing that we could’ve improved was that we struggle going to the beach, so next time, we need to research carefully of how to go to the beach.
Overall, we think we did well at achieving our goals. However, not many students had participated in ocean clean up activity, so we think that maybe we could expand the limits of people who could participate in ocean clean up. Next time when we go to the beach, our goals are to invite more people, so that we can make the environment better. Also, we would like to inform more people about the problem of dirty oceans, and raise the awareness of littering.

Ocean Clean Up Goals

Our goals for the semester:

  1.  Make the ocean clean and find out what is the reason that the ocean is getting dirty.
  2. To go to oceans around us and cleaning up garbage on the ocean to make the environment better.
  3. To inform people about the problem of dirty oceans and asking people to keep the problem in mind when they go to the beach.
  4. We know what the reason and is working to resolve the problem.
  5. When we go to the ocean and clean up, afterwards, we should not see any garbage on the beach and the beach should be as clean as possible.
  6. We could research more about when the ocean started getting dirty

We plan to go to the seas around Kamakura and we also mailed the high school Gincas if we can go clean the ocean together.
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Ocean Clean-Up Group- Introduction

We are the Ocean Clean-up group from MS GIN/CAS. We have been working, and researching about the issue of garbages on the beaches and in the oceans. We know from our experiences that there are garbages on mostly every place we go, and in the ocean, garbages are a big issue because when people throw away garbages on the beach, it goes into the ocean and sea creatures might eat it, or it might be poisonous to the creatures underwater. We are planning to go to the ocean “hachirigahama”, or “shonan” to clean up the beaches by throwing away garbages. We are planning to work with the HS Ocean Clean-up group and plan the trips to go clean up the beaches.

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Ocean Clean up Group – Semester 1 Reflection

From looking at other posts, you might already have an idea of what this post is going to be about. To start off, I’ll be introducing our group. We are the MS GIN ocean group. In our group, we look at how we make our ocean a better place.

Last month, we have finally succeeded our goal for this semester in GIN. As you may know, a lot of groups have made a poster of their topic. However, we did something different. Out of all the beaches in yokohama, Shichirigahama beach was our choice of decision to attempt on cleaning garbages. It was a successful journey yet, we didn’t attain the expected amount of trash. So something we should keep in mind next time is to choose a different beach.

After what we’ve done, we started thinking about our semester 2 goal. We had some really great ideas such as cleaning up beaches more than once in a semester. Or even cooperating with the local people of shichirigahama who cleans the beach every week. Also, promote our service at the middle school assembly or put it in the middle school daily bulletin.

Overall, it was a great opportunity to work with different people and learn different ways to overcome pollution. We are all looking forward to what we can do next semester in GIN.

Ocean Clean-up – Semester 1 Goal!

The Ocean Clean-up, is a group that’s main concept is to leave no rubbish on the beach or ocean.

Our goal for the first semester, is to do ocean cleaning at least once. We have never put in action of cleaning the beach, so we want to be the first group in MS GIN to go to a beach and pick up rubbish.

To do this, we will follow our task procedure and finish at least one task every week in GIN.