Grade 6 Post

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Community & Service

I am contributing for the Community & Service team. Community & Service team helps out the poor people and does these events:

  • VanDer Pool Christmas Party
  • Chiku Centre Rice Collection
  • Kodomo no Sono Orphanage
  • Trash & Treasure

and other things. I decided to join the Community & Service team because I like to help other people. Especially, poor people. I think that they should have rights to have fun time like the rich people. Later on, through these events, I want to have fun with the poor people. And I hope that smiles would return to poor people’s faces…

Anyways, please wish me good luck.

Grade 8 Post

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Community & Service Update!

So far what the Community Service team has done is to choose which foundation they want to contribute to. We had a lot of options to choose from and some of them were Van der Poel, Chiku Center, Cambodia, Roots n shoots and cancer. We had to reduce the amount of options and come up with two foundations we wanted to help. The two foundations we came up at the end were Chiku Center and Cambodia. Two weeks ago, the Community Service team went to help the Bazaar in Chigasaki. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go but I heard they had so much fun and raised 19,000 yen in total. Overall, waking up early to go to the meeting is very tiring but on the bright side, we get chocolates so it makes up for it :)