2C Personal Health Inquires

For the past couple of weeks, the children in Grade 2 have been inquiring into a topic related to health that they are personally interested in. They began their inquiry by documenting what they already know about their topic. Then they wrote down questions and wonderings about their topic as well as where they will look to find answers and what materials or tools they might need along the way.

The children’s topics range from learning about lice to organizing a healthy picnic to studying viruses and looking deeper into germs. After researching on the Internet, in books, on youtube, interviewing experts and watching some Brainpop Junior videos, many of the children have devised more questions that have popped up during their research.

Here are some examples…

What is RNA?
What is DNA?
How do you catch viruses?
How long can viruses live outside?
Why is my heart rate slower than my friend’s?
Why do we need food?
How does the heart actually beat and move?
How fast does the heart go?
Could somehow salt be in plants?
Why are vegetables healthy for you?
What else can we do at the Healthy Picnic that includes eating?
Why when I eat lots of sugar why it make cavity?
I wonder why blood is moving?
Why is some time junk food bad?
What is the life cycle of a louse?
I wonder how the digestive system works and why the digestive system is yucky.
Why lices lay eggs in the hair?
How can I clean neatly and no germs anymore?

Every few sessions the children reflect on what they have done so far by thinking about the following:

As the children work through the inquiry cycle, they are devising new questions, thinking about their thinking, looking for and conducting experiments to collect data, asking experts (i.e. nurse, teacher, kitchen staff) for advice and help, taking notes, drawing diagrams, making observations, taking photos to document their progress, reflecting and more.

Click on the photo below to see a slideshow in Flickr.

Interesting things that the children have learned through their inquiry:

Lice don’t jump.
When you eat food tiny bits of food get stuck in your teeth.
You should floss your teeth.
I didn’t know that all types of fruits are good.
Lice have six legs and claws and 2 eyes.
They suck blood.
Lice can’t fly.
I learned that the lices eggs are yellow or white.
Cutting your hair won’t get rid of lice.
I learned from Kei. She said you can see a video about food groups in Brainpop.

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