e-Learning for Typhoon Day

Typhoon Day!

Hello 2C,

What a surprise! In the middle of our short week, we will miss another day together! I hope you and everyone else in Japan stays safe and dry in their homes! While you’re at home today, I have a few, fun typhoon day jobs for you!

1) Your Health Diary
Even though we’re not at school today, we still want to see how healthy we are, so you should still complete this page in your health diary. Don’t forget to use lots of detail. You’ll have to be creative and think of ways to exercise when you’re indoors, too! We’ll look at each others diaries tomorrow!

2) Mathletics
Wednesday is our Mathletics day, and now you’ve extra time to play! If you’ve finished all the assigned tasks, you can play Mathletics Live or investigate other parts of the Mathletics site such as: Rainforest Math, Problem-solving, or My Games.

3) Reading
I’m looking forward to reading my book today, and you should enjoy yours too! Don’t forget to record today’s reading in your Reading Log.

4) Peace One Day
Well, today is still Peace One Day…rain or shine. Perhaps, you would like to learn more about it. I tried to find a child friendly site on the Internet, but couldn’t find one. Even so, you may want to look at a site with your parents, so that they can help you. Maybe you would even like to do a little project about how you plan to make the world a better place. You could use your imagination to make a little video, draw a picture, write a song, write a skit, make a sculpture, or make a poster. It is totally up to you! If I can get to the store before the big rain hits, I think I will make salsa, because when I give people my salsa, it makes them very happy! Happy people are more peaceful inside…

Have fun, stay dry, stay healthy and please write me an email if you have any questions or if you just want to say, “Hello!”

See you tomorrow,

Miss Czubak

Writing Health Goals

Yesterday, Miss Kumamoto came to teach us about relaxing. Relaxing is our leisure time. Relaxing makes us healthy for our lives. It can relax our body and do good things. When we relax it makes us stop having bad feelings.

I am Hady, and I like to bike. It makes me relax, because when I’m biking I have a fun time. I like building stuff with boxes and playing Wii.

I am Misal, and I like to skateboard and bike and ride my scooter. Inside the house I like to play Wii and sometimes I eat ice-cream.

Miss Kumamoto also helped us come up with ideas for our leisure goals. We wrote them in class today. We also talked about and wrote hygiene goals today.