Angle Story


Cut and past this address into the URL and watch this story.

Answer the following questions in the comment area:
1. What type of angle is Tori?
2. What type of angle is Ernie?
3. What type of angle is Teenie?
4. What kind of polygon can they make together? Why? Explain and show.
Cut and paste the following address. Then watch. What do you think about this video?


Copy and paste this into the html. Watch the video and answer the question.

Do you think that spending 25 million dollars to get rid of ALL the rabbits is a good idea? Explain your reasoning. Consider what would happen if one female and male survived.

Bottle Biology

How does your bottle biology experiment relate to the central idea?
Talk to your partners and explain in detail.
Explain what your experiment is about and what your aim is? Then explain how it relates to Organisms rely on one another.

Worm Site

Here is the address for the worm site. Copy and paste this address in the address box on the Internet.

Read all the information in this website. Take notes in your notebook.