Comics as a Means of Communication

This week, Miss Srishti visited the Grade 2s to help us inquire into Comics. Miss Srishti told us that she has always loved comic strips. We talked about comics that we were familiar with or had read before and later looked at many different samples of comic strips.

Next, we made a list of all the things that we noticed about comic strips.

The most important thing we noticed and realized was that comics send messages. Their main purpose is to entertain, and many of them teach us lessons about life.

To help us learn about how to get ideas for comic strips, we watched a video.

From the video, we learned that comic strip writers get a lot of their ideas from things and events around them…problems we have at school, our love for tomatoes, friendship, pranks, and more.

Finally, we got a chance to create our own comics!

At the end of the period, Kei shared a comic that she made with the class. It was about a student, who was a bully.

On Thursday afternoon, our Grade 9 Buddies (Kenryo, Elena, Grace, Chloe, Kelly, James, Hana, Max, Pheobe, An, Jan, Toma) visited us. We shared the comics that we made the other day with them. Then we had the chance to make another comic strip. Some of the groups worked together to make one comic and some students worked individually. The Grade 9s helped us to think of ideas and gave us advice about how to draw. It was a lot of fun to share this time with them!

Here are some reflections from the Grade 9s about their experience.

It was a really good experience. Everyone is cute and kind. I really enjoyed the time with 2nd Grade. They were cute!

It was fun playing around with the kids. I was glad that they were enjoying the time. They think differently comparing to us and it was a good opportunity.

They were a very enthusiastic group of people…easy to work with and drawing better than me.

Working with the 2nd Graders is really interesting to me because I don’t get to interact with kids younger than me that often and it’s nice to bond with them. It teaches me to be a bit more carefree like them.

The children were engaging and were focused on the task. They were humorous and co-operative when deciding on what we should make. I enjoyed doing this. It was fun and stimulating for all.

It was great working with them. They were really all excited to make a comic and had great ideas and knew a lot about some techniques about comics like perspective.

Click on the photo below to see a Grade 9/Grade 2 Buddies slideshow in Flickr.


Here are some reflections from students in 2C…

I thought that the Grade 9s…they gave us good advice.  For example, they showed us how to make people shout.

It was really fun because our buddy was telling us to put more illustrations in our picture.

I felt happy because it was the first time that I was with a Grade 9 student that I don’t know. We made a funny comic.

It was really nice to have an experience working with Grade 9 because we don’t often do this, and it was really fun how we share our ideas and we mix them and create a great comic.

Learning About How to Write Instructions

This week, 2C has been learning about how to write instructions. Since the children made a Bottle Ecosystem with their Learning Buddies, this was the perfect opportunity to learn about writing instructions.

The children worked with their iPad partners to write instructions on the board. Then once they looked at them as a class, they realized that they had written how to get all the materials instead of how to “make” the the Bottle Ecosystem. They started over by making a list of materials. Then, they tried again. Bit by bit, they wrote the instructions, making changes and using transition words (i.e. first, second, next, then, after that, finally) that they had learned in class.

Here is a little video of their instructions.