Haru Ga Kita

On Friday afternoon, 2C will be visiting the senior home. We have decided to sing “Haru Ga Kita”, which is a very simple Japanese song about spring. To learn the song, listen to the video below to practice the melody. The song is written in Kanji and Hirigana on the video, and the Romaji lyrics are below the video. I think the seniors will love to hear you sing the song!

Haru Ga Kita

Haru ga kita
Haru ga kita
Doko ni kita

Yama ni kita
Sato ni kita
Noni mo kita

Hana ga saku
Hana ga saku
Doko ni saku

Yama ni saku
Sato ni saku
No ni mo saku

Tori ga naku
Tori ga naku
Doko de naku

Yama de naku
Sato de naku
No de mo naku

Haru ga kita
Haru ga kita
Doko ni kita

Yama ni kita
Sato ni kita
No ni mo kita

Another Visit to the Senior Home

On Friday afternoon, 2C visited the Bon Sejour Senior Center for the second time.

We sang Jingeru Beru (Japanese) and Jingle Bells to the seniors and some of them clapped along with us. After singing, we broke up into groups and worked with the seniors to make red, green and white paper chains. The last time that 2C visited, we realized it was hard for the seniors to make the origami and play the games. We decided to make the paper chains because we thought they would be easier to make. What a success they were! As the chains got longer and longer, some of the staff began hanging them all around the dining room, giving it a festive look.


Next, the children played Tic-Tac-Toe with the seniors, all the while asking the them questions and chatting about school. We made a big Tic-Tac-Toe game, so the seniors wouldn’t have to write. We learned that seniors sometimes can’t grip as easily as they used to. We hoped this would help.


While busy with these activities, some of the children surveyed as many seniors as possible to ask them the following questions:

What is your favorite children’s storybook?
What is your favorite dessert?

When it was time to go we thanked our new friends and said our goodbyes. Several of the seniors followed us to the door, waving as we put our shoes back on and gathered our things. They really seemed to enjoy our visit, and we did too.

When we arrived back at the school, we reflected about our visit. Her is what the children said.

-First, I felt a bit nervous because I wasn’t too used to it. After I started working, I felt good.

-First, I was speaking a bit quiet to the seniors. Then after that, I didn’t speak quiet.

-The seniors like to watch you because they were watching me and smiling.

-I at first I was a bit worried, if they had a problem, and it would be a bit distracting. Then I got used to it.

-I feel happy with the older (people) because we made paper chains with the seniors.

-I learned that they can’t really hear well, so I spoke loud. They did understand me.

-I learned that my senior’s partner can speak English a little bit.

-I talk a bit. I learned the seniors like to talk. She was talking to Kei’s mom. l told her in the school there is three fish.

-I learned that the senior scan make the paper chain very fast.

-My senior’s name was ____ she came last time. She knew English. The survey that I took she chose Three Little Pigs. She was living in New York, when she was little.

-I liked to sing. It make senior’s happy. She yelled, “Cute!”

-I liked Tic-Tac-Toe because it was the first time I ever played.

-My favorite part was when we did Tic-Tac-Toe because they were happy. They were smiling, and they were giving Kouji some hints.

-I was nervous, when I was singing, and then when we were making the crafts…shy. We talked about if Santa visits, he is going to like the decorations.

-I was quite surprised when they made the paper craft, I thought they couldn’t make it long, and they made it (paper chain) quite long.

-I actually found out something. I asked my partner if the senior liked ice-cream, and she asked the senior. What was surprising was that the senior liked ice-cream.

A big thanks to Ning (Kei’s mom) and Tomoko (Lime’s Mom) for joining us for our visit.

Jinguru Beru…Jingle Bells

This Friday,
December 2nd, 2C will be visiting Bon Sejour Senior Home. We are going to sing Jingeru Beru…Jingle Bells. Below are two videos. One is in Japanese and one is in English.

Here is a Japanese version that is a bit slower and has the words and video. It is long, but you don’t need to listen to the whole thing. You can rewind it after 1:24 seconds and practice again. We are only doing the first verse.

Here is another Japanese version that is quite fast and has the words but no video. It is long, but you don’t need to listen to the whole thing. You can rewind it after 45 seconds and practice again. We are only doing the first verse.

This is an English Jingle Bells. It has video and the words. You can stop after seconds, as we are only doing the first verse.

A Visit to the Senior Home

Last week, we prepared for our visit to the Bon Sejour Senior Home. We practiced singing “Kaeru No Uta Ga” (The Frog Song) in rounds and made origami frogs to present to the people in the home. The Native Japanese class also practiced asking the questions below.

What did you do for fun when you were a child?
What kind of exercise did you do when you were
What are you passionate about?
What time did you go to bed when you were
7 or 8 years old?
What did you like to do after dinner each evening?
What did you usually eat for breakfast?

Click on the photo below to see a slideshow in Flickr.

Visiting the home was so memorable. The children were kind and respectful and had lovely conversations with the seniors. Each group of 4-5 students spent time with 2-3 seniors and one of the teachers or chaperones. Some of the children discovered that they needed to speak loudly in order to be heard. From the looks on the faces of the seniors as well as the children, it was evident that everyone enjoyed sharing this time together. The children made origami frogs and sang “The Frog Song” in rounds to the seniors. After the performance, the seniors sang along with them.

When it was time to leave, many of the seniors followed us out, waving and smiling. We look forward to visiting again soon.

After our visit, 2C reflected on our experience.

How did you feel about visiting the Senior Home?


It thought it was hard because we needed to translate from Japanese to English.
I felt a little bit sad because they only answered one question.

I felt happy and excited because I can talk with them and do origami a little.


I felt a little bit sad ‘cause some of them were a little bit deaf and some couldn’t speak.


I felt happy when the old people enjoyed what we made for them. When I was talking to them they said they would keep the origami really safe.


I felt excited because we did the origami and sing The Frog Song because it was fun.


I felt proud of everyone because we did a nice thing. I think that the old people were happy because lots of them were smiling and they said thank you and they told us they loved it.


I was happy because I made them happy. I think they really enjoyed it because the person in Yellana’s group kept telling us, “Please come back if you have time.”


I felt happy that we get to stay with the old people a little bit, because we can learn with them…like learning about them like what they are doing now. They can’t do lots of stuff, and they can’t exercise a lot.

What did you learn at the Senior Home?


I learned what they used to play in the olden days. One of them said they liked to sing when they were little. He sang us a song that he liked the best.


I learned that the old people don’t have lots of choices. I think they want to be active, but they can’t. They want to look around and get out.


I learned that some of the old people remember their children. Their children can visit them.


An old lady came. She was the first one at the table. She was laughing and happy. You have to speak loud, so she can hear you. If you speak in a normal voice, she couldn’t hear. If you speak a little bit more louder she can hear.


When we sang The Frog Song, one grandma wanted to sing, so I was happy that she liked to sing.


When we were singing The Frog Song, one grandma was trying to sing a part of it.


I felt sad. One of the old people couldn’t bend her arm, and she couldn’t do origami.


I felt kind of sad because some people could not talk because they are so old.


When we were making origami at the end when we gave it to them they liked it, and they were very nice and gave back some of them.


I felt really sad because when we sang the song the second grandma couldn’t hear the song, and she couldn’t fold the paper because she didn’t have strong muscles. When she jumped the frog she was laughing.

Many thanks to Maiko, Jina, Maria, Satoko, and Meijun who helped translate and chaperone our visit!