Grade 2 Technology Days!

This week, the K-2 had a technology day. Several of the staff members lead the following technology workshops for the children.

Creating a TV Show – Learn the basic of how to film a TV show!
Learning to code with the Foos! – Learn to program and have fun at the same time
Coding with Mr Mural – Introduce students to computer programming and show them how to learn the basics of coding, including a practical understanding of the basic concepts of drag-and-drop programming.
Little Bits – Explore how basic electrical circuits work and make something move.
Boat Building Challenge – Work together to plan and create a boat that will float and hold cargo.
Tower Building Challenge
KNEX/LEGO Creation

The Grade 2s attended two different workshops. This is our first year to have technology workshops at YIS.

Many people think of technology in relation to computers or smart phones. In fact, technology is so many things…inventing, designing, improving on an already existing design, programming computers, constructing, coding, playing computer games, making movies, learning about electrical circuits, building and so much more.

Ms. McCreath and I led the Boat Building Challenge workshop. The children were given foil and some other materials to make a boat or boats. They worked in groups to collaborate about the plan and design. They had only 10 minutes to build and test their designs. In the end, the groups had to choose the boat with the best design for the challenge. We used small cubes as the cargo to test the boats ability to stay afloat. One of the groups created a boat that held over 190 cubes! Some boats sank right away… We reflected on our designs and building techniques and thought of ways to improve. This is technology!

Here are some comments from 2C about our new technology learning experiences.

“I know how to design with Lego.”

“I learned how to make a really, really nice design for a car.”

“It was my first time making a Lego car myself with no instructions.”

“I learned how to make a robot with Little Bits. The blue is the button and the pink in the controls.”

“I learned how to make a T.V. show.”

Be sure to ask your child what workshops they did for Technology Days and what they learned.

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