MS DAILY – Tuesday, January 31, 2017


  • Countdown to Cambodia Coin Drive

The explanation for the coin drive could have been a bit confusing on Friday. Please put money inside the grades you want to lose. The grade with the highest value will lose the coin drive, and with the least will win. We will be counting the value of the coins/bills. All donations will go to the school building in Pursat province of Cambodia.

As of 4:30 pm of Monday, the losing Grade was Grade 8, and the winning Grade was Grade 7! C’mon Grade 8! (Ms. Urquhart)

  • Creative Writing Workshops (Repeat)

Holly Thompson is our visiting author this year! We will have creative writing workshops in whole grade levels at the following times:

Thurs Feb 2 (Day 9)

  • Grade 7 – P3 and 4 (Loft)
  • Grade 6 – P5 and 6 (Loft)
  • Grade 9 – P7 and 8 (Auditorium)

Fri Feb 3 (Day 10)

  • Grade 10 – P3 and 4 (Loft)
  • HS Magazine – HS lunch (MB 303)
  • Grade 8 – P7 and 8 (Loft)

(Mr. Hutton)

  • Harry Potter Themed Event (Repeat)

Dear YIS library lovers,

Are you interested in spending an evening in the YIS Library with other book lovers? On Friday, the 3rd of February, there will be a Harry Potter themed event in the library from 4:15-7. There will be a Photobooth, Quidditch, Harry Potter themed arts and crafts, trivia, house tie making and astounding competitions. For you people who love reading but don’t want to participate in all activities, there will always be a room where you can just sit and read in silence. We only have limited spaces so if you are interested please make sure that you sign up on the survey. It is also available at this Bit.Ly link:

See you in the library! (The Library Council)


  • Chowa “The Most”

As many of you may know the voting for “the most” for the Chowa Yearbook has begun. We are planning on selecting our winners soon however we would first like to gather some more votes. Could everybody who has not voted yet please fill out this form. You may vote for anybody in the Middle School as long as it is not yourself. Thank you for your help! (MS Chowa)

  • MS Book of the Day

Lost & alone in a forest, Otto meets 3 sisters & finds himself tangled in a quest involving a prophecy, promise, & harmonica #msbookoftheday (Ms. Katy)

  • Help at Conference during Ski Break

During Ski Break, YIS is hosting a conference for educators and we are looking for some help. We need people to help greet people in the morning of Feb 9 & 10 and for high schooler to help serve food Feb 10 – I 4:00PM-6:15PM on Feb 10. You will receive a gift certificate for Apple or for Starbucks for your help. If you are in Yokohama and are willing to help (or you have already signed up), please come to a quick meeting Wednesday at 10:40 in M103. Hopefully it will be less than 10 minutes. (Ms. Madrid)

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