HS DAILY – Tuesday, February 14, 2017


  • ISA

Please check the board outside Ms Shiina’s office to see which class you go to for the ISA assessments. Remember also what you need to bring to the sessions. (Mr. Snowball)

  • ¬†Maths Challenge #10

Maths Challenge: Welcome back

Let’s see if you can do this week’s Maths Challenge #10. Due in Friday 24th Feb. Well done to Eishin and Haruna who in the lead for MS and HS respectively. – this will not be printed this week. Please send your answer electronically or on scrap paper to Mr. Harrison

Problem #10
A cycling club organised two different excursions and everyone in the club, went on at least one of the two excursions. Fifty percent of the members went on the first trip and eighty percent went on the second trip. Twelve members went of both trips. How many people belong to the cycling club? (Mr. Harrison)

  • ARTSCAPE 2017

Yesterday marked the opening of the annual Kanto plains ‘Artscape’ exhibition in Tokyo where work was showcase art and design work from our selected YIS MS and HS students. This year, 12 schools are participating in the exhibition which is held in Azabu Kids-to-Teens hall, Azabu, Tokyo. (A short distance from Hiro-o or Azabu-Juban stations) The exhibition will run from February 13th-28th. Please visit and check out some inspiring work!


(Ms Justice and Mrs Ralph)



For grades 10 and 11, please see the list below.

P. 1/2

Gr. 11 History – RM t o M403A
Gr. 10 Science – SL to M310
Gr. 10 English – BB to M101
Gr 10 English – DH to M208

P. 3/4

Gr. 11 English – CB to M202
Gr. 11 English – DH to M202
Gr. 10 Maths – PH to M307

(Mr. Snowball)

  • HS Athletics/Activities

‚ÄčOfficial HS Boys/Girls Soccer as well as Badminton tryouts continue for the rest of the week. Boys and Girls Soccer will be going up to the YCAC, while boys and girls badminton will meet in the gym.

HS Girls Field Hockey– Good luck to the 5 girls who were selected to represent YIS at this Tuesdays all-star game at ASIJ.

– All second season athletes, please return your uniforms to the dance studio as soon as possible. Once you have placed your uniform in the correct basket , please remember to cross your name off the appropriate list. Thank you.

Fitness Interest
– All students interested in using the fitness equipment in the dance studio, please know that Mr. Ralph and Mr. Tananone will be holding introduction sessions on Tuesday the 21st and 28th of February. Once you have gone to one of these sessions, you can access the equipment outside of school hours. (Mr. Tananone)

  • Tutor Period Rotations – Thursday, February 16 (Day 6)

Grade 11 (P0): Social Emotional – MBTI and Conflict Resolution – Ms. McDiarmid, Mr. Pitter + Tutors / Cafeteria
Grade 12: No Tutor Period – Mock Exams

  • HS Book of the Day

Try an evil retelling of Alice in Wonderland with a hilarious Cheshire, sexy joker, controlling parents & strange riddles #hsbookoftheday (Ms. Katy)

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