HS DAILY – Thursday, February 16, 2017


  • ISA’s today – grades 6 -9. Room changes for gr. 10 & 11

As with Tuesday’s sessions, please come prepared with book, scrap paper. Check your group’s room on the green noticeboard outside Ms Shiina’s office. Classes will re-commence at 11.50am. (Mr. Snowball)

Room changes for today Pd. 3 only

Gr. 11 English – CB M305 to M205
Gr. 11 English – BB to M404
Gr. 11 English – MRe to M101
Gr. 11 English – DH to M206
Gr. 10 Maths – PH to M202
Gr. 10 Maths – ZL to M302


  • New Research Resource

The Library recently registered for a new digital library: the Churchill Archive. It is a digital library which is highly useful for I&S and History students. Learn more about this resource in this library blog post. You can access it without logging in anytime at school. To access at home, the username is yokohama and the password is dragon. (Ms. Katy)

  • HS Athletics/Activities

‚ÄčUniforms– All second season athletes, please return your uniforms to the dance studio as soon as possible. Once you have placed your uniform in the correct basket , please remember to cross your name off the appropriate list. Thank you.

Fitness Interest
– All students interested in using the fitness equipment in the dance studio, please know that Mr. Ralph and Mr. Tananone will be holding introduction sessions on Tuesday the 21st and 28th of February. Once you have gone to one of these sessions, you can access the equipment outside of school hours. (Mr. Tananone)

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