MS DAILY – Thursday, February 16, 2017


  • ISA’s today – grades 6 -9. Room changes for gr. 10 & 11

As with Tuesday’s sessions, please come prepared with book, scrap paper. Check your group’s room on the green noticeboard outside Ms Shiina’s office. Classes will re-commence at 11.50am. (Mr. Snowball)

Room changes for today Pd. 3 only

Gr. 11 English – CB M305 to M205
Gr. 11 English – BB to M404
Gr. 11 English – MRe to M101
Gr. 11 English – DH to M206
Gr. 10 Maths – PH to M202
Gr. 10 Maths – ZL to M302


  •  MS Athletics/Activities

MS Boys Baseball and MS Girls Basketball start today, February 16th. Both teams will meet in the gym first. Please contact Mr. Tananone if you have any questions. MS Track and Field does not meet until March 1st.

Uniforms– All second season athletes, please return your uniforms to the dance studio as soon as possible. Once you have placed your uniform in the correct basket , please remember to cross your name off the appropriate list. Thank you. (Mr. Tananone)

  • MS “The Most” Results (Repeat)

All of the responses to the MS “The Most” have been looked at. We would like to congratulate everybody who won and we would like to thank you everybody who voted! Below are the results:

Most likely to win the voice: Polina

Most likeley to conquer the world: Theo (grade 6)

Most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse: Matthew

Selfie Queen: Jennifer

Selfie King; Ben

Social Media Master: Mikey

Who is most likely to make a scientific discovery that will destroy us all: Toby

Most Likely to become a billionaire: Julius

All the winners will be placed on this years “The Most” yearbook page. The Chowa team will need a photo of all of you individually to represent your “the most” in the yearbook. We will have a photo session during lunch on Friday (Day 7). Please meet in the Foyer straight away after eating ( no later than 12:50). Feel free to bring any props that you feel will match your category. For example as winner of ” Who is most likely to make a scientific discovery that will destroy us all?” you may want to bring a lab coat. Please remind the other winners to be there as well.

Thank You! (MS Chowa Club)

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