HS DAILY – Friday, March 3, 2017


  • Lost Wallet/Pasmo Case

A student lost her wallet/Pasmo case on Wednesday. It is in navy blue with orange dots and has a little bear with a U.K flag. Please stop by the Secondary School Office (2F Main Building) if you found it or know anything about it. (Ms. Shiina)

  • Snow Club Bake Sale & Raffle (Repeat)

Hey guys, Once again it’s the Snow Club coming to tell you guys a message.

On the 3rd of March during the morning recess, we are going to have a bake sale with a bunch of wicked, home-made baked goods.

During the bake sale we are also hosting a raffle. The grand prize is a BURTON Bag, (¥12,000 value) and other gnarly prizes.

One ticket will be sold for ¥200 and three tickets for ¥500. The more you buy, the higher chance you have to win. Tickets will be sold at the the bake sale, and throughout next week. Ask Yongwon(12) or Keigo(12) during lunch in the cafeteria and they will hook you up.

The winners will be announced on the 9th of March during HS lunch.

All of the money raised will be donated to CHILL JAPAN, so spend some money on our baked goods and raffle for a good cause.

It’s getting warmer, but it’s still shredding season. So bring your change and come support the Snow Club.

Peace out, (The Snow Club)

  • LIP DUB YIS STYLE (Repeat)

Good morning fellow YIS students!
My name is Lea Kawashima (sophomore), and for my design project, I’m thinking of promoting the sense of community we have at our school by making a “Lip Dub video” where everyone participates.

Some of you may not know what it is, and in that case, please check out the link below :

Like the video you just watched, I will be using Pop Danthlogy 2015 (full track – 8 minutes) for the music!

If any of you are interested in participating, please let me know by filling in your name and grade on this document (teachers are encouraged too!) :

P.S I need more people for the background (who will be doing something funny or anything random while the “lip-syncers” do their job!)

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have about the project 🙂

Thank you!

Kind Regards, (Lea Kawashima)



Meet me at the playground gate at 1.30pm. (Mr. Snowball)

  • HS Badminton

Dear HS badminton players, if you signed up for Monday you can come to practice, there’s regular practice from 16.00-18.00. (Mr. Zaal)

  • GCD Reflection Intensive

On Monday 6 March, Mr. Pitter will be holding a GCD Reflection Intensive from 9am -12pm and 1pm – 4pm in L102 for any students who want to work on and complete GCD records of reflection. This is a chance to prepare multiple posts for review at one time, with Mr. Pitter on hand to answer your questions. Also, if you have questions about setting up your blog categories or menus, this is an excellent opportunity to get help.
If (and only if) you do not have any meetings with teachers on Monday, sign up for the GCD Reflection Intensive, HERE.

The next GCD Review Date is 31 March. (Mr. Pitter)

  • Grade 10

Everybody close your eyes. Take a deep breathe. Now exhale very slowly. Your PP report is due today at 4 pm on Managebac and over email to your supervisor and
everything going to be fine. Well, at least this very specific thing is going to be fine. Congratulations! 🙂 I am very proud of all of you. (Ms. Katy)

  • HS Book of the Day

Libby & Jack have nothing & everything in common. Thrown together because of a cruel game, they’re surprised at what happens #hsbookoftheday (Ms. Katy)


The turf will now be available during HS Lunch on Day 4&7 from 1:20-1:50pm It will be limited to 20 students on a first come, first served basis. See you on the turf starting Feb.28th! (HS Student Council)

  • STICH (Repeat)

HS Student Council is looking for performers, poets and speakers who would like to take part in STICH. It will be held on March 31st after school in the auditorium so if you’re a little shy and don’t want to perform at a big concert like Live-Aid, consider performing at STICH! The sign up sheet is in the link below and also has been sent out to you!


Thank you and we hope you have a lovely day! (HS StuCo)

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