HS DAILY – Wednesday, March 8, 2017


  • Students

Would the following students please come to the Loft at 10:55 today for the student panel:

Maho Nambo, Pia Hamburger, Sato Maeda, Kai Clark, Maia Johnston, Andre Mizoguchi, Kiya Smith, Wyatt Rogers, Mib Dang, Eileen Sasaki

Please come to the Loft on Friday at 9:00am for the teacher pitches.

Thanks so much. (Ms Clifford)


This is – another – reminder that you do not hang out in the Kindergarten building during break and lunchtime. This is their learning space. Let’s not have another reminder about being unselfish. (Mr. Snowball)

  • Animal Relief Club – Donation Drive

An animal relief club donation drive will be soon held around the school. There will be small boxes/baskets for students to donate pet sheets, canned dog/cat food, flea medicine, collars, leashes, beds and old towels/blankets. All of these items will go to the “animal lives matter association” in Chiba, to help protect shelter dogs and cats that are waiting to be adopted by new owners, and is greatly appreciated. (Animal Relief Club)

  • From PSHE Class (Repeat)

For PSHE class we have looking for ways to make our late-winter downtime even more fun. Over the course of this week you will find a variety of small changes including some activities you can do around campus. There will be a Map of Questions, a Question Board, and a Challenge Box in the first floor foyer, a string telephone somewhere around the main building, and keep listening for some new ring tones to tell you it’s time to change classes. (Mr. Clark)


  • Grade 10

Grade 10 students – please fill out this form in tutor this morning. It is important all details are correct and filled in. We will use this information to register you with the IB. (Ms Clifford and Ms Katy)

  • HS Book of the Day

In 1888, 12 yo Will Henry chronicles his apprenticeship with scientist Dr. Warthrop, who hunts & studies real-life monsters #hsbookoftheday (Ms. Katy)

  • HS Athletics/Activities (Repeat)

HS Girls Soccer – First official game of the season vs St. Maur @YCAC on Wednesday, March 8th, kick off at 4:30 pm.

HS Boys Soccer – HS Boys Soccer will be away from Thursday, March 9th at 2:00 pm onwards, attending their WJAA tournament at CA. Good luck to the team!

WJAA Girls Soccer Tournament – YIS is hosting the Varsity Girls Soccer tournament this Friday and Saturday at the YCAC. Please come along and cheer the team on when you have a chance! (Teachers, please know that the girls will be out of class all day on Friday, the 10th of March.

Dragon Council – Meeting today in the dance studio for those members helping organize the volleyball world cup.

GO DRAGONS!! (Mr. Tananone)

  • Tutor Period Rotations – Thursday, March 9 (Day 1) (Repeat)

Grade 9 (P5+6): Elementary Visits – Tutors / Classrooms (Groupings)
Grade 10 (P5+6): Elementary Visits – Tutors / Classrooms (Groupings)
Grade 11 (P0): EE – Planning your initial research / Evaluating Sources –  Ms. Vance, Ms. Wilson, Mr. Redlich + Tutors / Cafeteria
Grade 12 (P0): IB Exams / Review of Regulations / Issue of Results – Mr. Redlich + Tutors / H110

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