MS DAILY – Friday, April 7, 2017


  • HS Student Council Elections and Extended homeroom

Monday sees the start of election campaigns for HS Student Councils. Middle School and grade 12 classes will have an extended homeroom. Please go to these classrooms:
Gr. 6 – Black Box
Gr 7 – M205
Gr. 8 – M102/103
Gr. 9 – Loft
Gr. 10- Drama Room
Gr. 11 – Art Room
Gr. 12 – normal tutor rooms
(Mr. Snowball)

  • Cemetery Clean Up Opportunity

HS Environment Club is hosting a cemetery clean up opportunity on Tuesday morning (April 11th) starting at 8:15am in front of the Yokohama Foreign Cemetery – across the street from the Languages Building.
See below for details. Anyone is welcome! (Ms. Urquhart)


Thank you to everyone who has taken a risk by running for Class Rep for the HS Student Council. Class Rep speeches and elections will be on Monday, April 10th during Extended Tutor. Grade 8 will be in M102/103, Grade 9 in the Loft, Grade 10 in the Drama Room, and Grade 11 in the Art Room.

Please go directly to your designated space on Monday morning and bring an electronic device in order to vote electronically.

Regards, (HS Student Council)

  • School Bazaar by Combating Human Trafficking Group (Repeat)

The Combatting Human Trafficking group is hosting a school bazaar on April 27th (Thurs) from 15:00 – 17:00, open to students, teachers and parents. This bazaar will be an opportunity to sell and purchase handmade goods created by members of our community. They may also sell drinks such as Tapioca or bought good/crafts if you wish. We will also be hosting several performances. If you are interested in selling goods or performing at this event, please respond to the following survey.

We are hosting this bazaar in order to support Lighthouse a Japanese organisation working to eradicate human trafficking in Japan. So we would like to ask for a small donation from the performers as well as the sellers in order to raise money and continue to support lighthouse.

Thank you, (Sam Coutts, CHT group)


  • MS Chowa

Could the team please assemble for one last time in 306 at lunch today? We have a few things to fix – it shouldn’t take too much time. We will need to edit, re-export, and re-upload your pages. (Mr Hutton)

  • Red & White Sign Up

Today is your last chance to sign up for the Red & White concert! Any types of performances are allowed. If you are interested in performing at the concert whilst also supporting a charity please fill out this form. The sign up will be open until 8pm tonight! (MS Red & White Committee)

  • MS Student Council

Middle School Student Council meet in the Loft TODAY (Friday) after morning tutor.

Thanks! (Ms. Madrid)

  • MS Athletics/Activities

Lots of games this week. Please come out and support the teams if you have a chance!

MS Girls Basketball – Game @ ASIJ on Saturday, April 8th, beginning at 9:00 am.

MS Boys Baseball – First games of the seasons @St.Marys this Saturday, April 8th, beginning at 9:00 am.

MS Track and Field – First meet of the season @ Oi Futo track (Haneda) on Saturday, April 8th, beginning at 9:00 am.

GO DRAGONS!!! (Mr. Tananone)

  • MS Book of the Day

It’s time to vote again in the #msbookoftheday #battleofthebooks! Which is your favorite: The Wee Free Men or Hetty Feather? Vote today! (Ms. Katy)

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