HS DAILY – Tuesday, April 18, 2017


  • Hijirizaka comes to visit YIS

Today Grade 8 is hosting 10 students and 4 teachers from Hijirizaka, a school nearby for students with additional needs to have fun at YIS and participate in some activities. If you see thee guests around YIS (especially in the main building) then please be kind, say hello and welcome them to our school! (Ms. Urquhart)

  • Math Field Day participants

Please come to room M201 (Ms. Latve’s room) for a short meeting at recess. The Competition day is tomorrow! (Ms. Latve)

  • Lip Dub Project

This is Lea Kawashima (10) informing the participants of the official YIS Lip Dub Project that filming starts TODAY!

Today, I will be filming at ICJC from 2:40 to 3:15pm. Please check to this document know which sections you are responsible for, so that you can memorise your lines in advance.

Please check this document to remind yourselves which classes you need to get permission to leave a little earlier and which teacher(s) you will need to email in advance about your absence in class.

  • No before or after school sessions
  • Please leave the class on time
  • Please e-mail your teacher(s) in advance when you know which class you will be miss due to your participation in the video.
  • You will be released after 45mins (You will have to skip class for one whole period maximum)
  • If you signed up to lip sync and are unable to skip class for the scene(s) you’re in, either e-mail me in advance if you really would like to lip sync, or please participate in the background.
  • There can’t be enough background participants, so if you would like to goof around and be a part of making an amazing promotional video, please feel free to participate on the day.

Happy Tuesday! (Lea K)

  • Ring Found

A gold ring was found on the stairs in the Main Building yesterday. Please collect it at the Secondary School Office. (Ms. Shiina)


  •  HS Athletics/Activities

HS Boys Soccer– Final game of the season takes place this Friday, April 21st @ YCAC against St. Maur. Kick off at 4:30 pm.

HS Girls Soccer– Final matches of the season for JV and Varsity teams this Saturday April 22nd, @ ASIJ. Kick off at 9:00 am.

HS Sports Award Meeting– All presenters, and those making videos please meet Mr. Tananone in the gym today at lunch for 15 minutes.

GO DRAGONS!! (Mr. Tananone)

  • HS Book of the Day

Loved Harry Potter? Interested in Nigeria? Enjoy magic, witchcraft & fantasy with butt-kicking teen protagonists? Read this #hsbookoftheday (Ms. Katy)

  • Van der Poel Grades 9-11

There will be a meeting today at 1:35 in room L202 in the MLB for all Van der Poel members who are planning to help at the ice-skating party on Saturday April 22. Please make sure you bring your permission slips. (Mrs. Maeda)

  • Come to Prom “City of Lights”! (For juniors only) 


This year’s “City of Lights” prom is coming up! Create unforgettable moments with your fellow classmates, while enjoying good food, live music and dancing under the stars.

Tickets start at ¥12,000 and go up to ¥15,000 next week, so get yours today! Also, the promposal contest is still on- the cutest promposal receives a refund for both of their tickets! Buy a ticket now and get promposing!

Thank you, (Prom Committee)

  • Tutor Period Rotations – Thursday, April 20 (Day 1)

Grade 9 (P5+6): Elementary Visits – Tutors / Classrooms
Grade 10 (P5+6): Elementary Visits – Tutors / Classrooms
Grade 11 (P0): Check in with Tutors – Tutors / Tutor Rooms
Grade 12 (P0): Social Emotional Counseling: Adulting: Being a Person – Ms. McDiarmid, Mr. Pitter + Tutors – Loft

  • Combating Human Trafficking announcement (Repeat)

Good morning high school!

On Thursday April 27th, the Combating Human Trafficking (CHT) group will host a Speaker Evening, with guests speakers Shihoko Fujiwara and Aiki Segawa from NPO Lighthouse (a support center for human trafficking victims in Japan) at the loft from 6:00~7:30pm. Grades 8~11 may have a brief speaker session during the day, but the evening will feature a more in-depth conversation on the unresolved issue of human trafficking in Japan.

Entrance is free for all, but donations of ¥300 and more will reward you with an exclusive YIS CHT sticker, so mark your calendars for the 27th of April 6:00~7:30pm! This event is open to students and parents, so please talk to your parents about this.

We hope to see you there! (YIS Combating Human Trafficking)

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