HS DAILY – Thursday, April 20, 2017



On Thursday, the 20th, the Student Council President and Vice President candidates will give their speeches and you will have an opportunity to ask them questions. Voting will take place in tutor on Friday morning.

In order to ensure enough time for the speeches and question-answer session, on Thursday please meet your Period 7 teacher in the foyer and make your way to the Auditorium.

Regards, (HS StuCo)

  • Kanto Plain Film Festival Entry Deadline (Repeat)

The last day to enter the Kanto Plain Film Festival is this Friday 21 April. Films longer than 5 minutes should be accompanied by a 5 minute excerpt or trailer. See the website at http://bit.ly/KPFF2017 for details of eligibility, awards and how to enter. We look forward to seeing your films. (Mr. Pitter)



We are looking for several volunteers to help with the HS Graduation. Positions include:

  • 6 students to help on Friday, June 2nd 1:30-2:30pm. Students would help arrange the programmes and seating plan.
  • 6 students to help on Saturday, June 3rd 3:15-5pm. Students would serve as ushers, greeting guests and showing them their seating. Students would be required to be smartly dressed.
  • 8 students to help on Saturday, June 3rd 5:30-7pm. Students would hand out food at the graduation party. Students would be required to be nicely dressed in black and white.

If you are interested in helping with any or all of these tasks, please contact Mrs. Hill. (Mrs. Hill)

  • Come to Prom “City of Lights”! (For juniors only) 


This year’s “City of Lights” prom is coming up! Create unforgettable moments with your fellow classmates, while enjoying good food, live music and dancing under the stars.

Tickets start at ¥12,000 and go up to ¥15,000 next week, so get yours today! Also, the promposal contest is still on- the cutest promposal receives a refund for both of their tickets! Buy a ticket now and get promposing!

Thank you, (Prom Committee)

  • Sakura Medal Voting

It’s time to vote for the winners of the 2017 Sakura Medal! Check your email for the voting ballot or cast your vote at http://bit.ly/SakuraHS2017. For every three books you’ve read, you can vote one time. For example, if you’ve read nine books, you get three votes. You can cast all three votes for the same book or spread the literary love. Haven’t read three of the Sakura medal books yet? Stop by the library and pick up a contender today! (Ms. Katy)

  • HS Book of the Day

Rashad is accused of stealing & beaten by police. Quinn sees it, but the cop is the brother of his best friend. #hsbookoftheday #whatwouldyoudo (Ms. Katy)

  • Tutor Period Rotations – Thursday, April 20 (Day 1) (Repeat)

Grade 9 (P5+6): Elementary Visits – Tutors / Classrooms
Grade 10 (P5+6): Elementary Visits – Tutors / Classrooms
Grade 11 (P0): Check in with Tutors – Tutors / Tutor Rooms
Grade 12 (P0): Social Emotional Counseling: Adulting: Being a Person – Ms. McDiarmid, Mr. Pitter + Tutors / Loft

  • Combating Human Trafficking announcement (Repeat)

Good morning high school!

On Thursday April 27th, the Combating Human Trafficking (CHT) group will host a Speaker Evening, with guests speakers Shihoko Fujiwara and Aiki Segawa from NPO Lighthouse (a support center for human trafficking victims in Japan) at the loft from 6:00~7:30pm. Grades 8~11 may have a brief speaker session during the day, but the evening will feature a more in-depth conversation on the unresolved issue of human trafficking in Japan.

Entrance is free for all, but donations of ¥300 and more will reward you with an exclusive YIS CHT sticker, so mark your calendars for the 27th of April 6:00~7:30pm! This event is open to students and parents, so please talk to your parents about this.

We hope to see you there! (YIS Combating Human Trafficking)

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