HS DAILY – Tuesday, May 9, 2017


  •  Need for Donations

Hello everyone!

Firstly, we would like to once again thank the community for your support in our fundraisers, donations drives and the quiz night which took place a few weeks ago now. Your support is much appreciated by us and by our partners at Sanagitachi. Your involvement is always welcome, and if you would like to join us on our Thursday night patrols around Yokohama stadium and Kannai station (every two weeks), please let us know in advance by emailing me (Erin, Grade 11) or Mr. Hauet. This invitation is open to students, teachers and parents!

We recently had a Grade 10 student, Noah, contact us about the need for donations and rightfully stated that, with summer fast approaching, the homeless community are in need of “lighter” clothing such as t-shirts, (non-thermal) underwear and pants, as opposed to warm, winter clothing that we received a lot of during the colder months. In addition to this, donations such as toothbrushes, razors, soap and small towels are essential to satisfy their hygienic needs. Please, if you have of these items to spare, bring them into Mr. Hauet’s room in M202.

Thank you! (Erin)


Hello once again,
This is the third and final call!

We now have 10 places out of 30 left for this upcoming end of year YIS DESIGN FESTA field trip…places are going super quick…
Again this is open to all students in Grades 8 9 10 11 & 12 and a great way to end the year.

We are planning on going to DESIGN FESTA – SATURDAY 27th MAY 2017 for a YIS Field Trip.
You can sign-up here (https://goo.gl/mHoz7t) or email Mr. Kumamoto

(Visual Arts & Design Department – Mr. Kumamoto)


  • GCD Review

The last GCD review period of the year is coming up on Friday 19 May. You have had time in your tutor periods to work on GCD posts, so finish up whatever you have been working on this year and invite review before the 19th. Use this opportunity to tell people about the education that matters most to you. Ask Mr. Pitter if you have any questions. (Mr. Pitter)

  • HS Athletics/Activities

Open GymsTuesday– HS Girls Soccer Wednesday-HS Girls Volleyball, Thursday-HS Boys/Girls Basketball. All who are interested are welcome to come. Prior experience on a team is not required.

Volleyball World Cup – Friday, May 12th, in the gym at 4:15 with the last games of the preliminary rounds.

Uniform Returns– All HS season 3 participants please return your uniforms to the Dance Studio ASAP. Once you have done so, please cross your name off the list.

GO DRAGONS!!! (Mr. Tananone)

  • HS Book of the Day

Colt loves baseball & his girlfriend Grace. He hates everything else. Then his gf dumps him & his grades are too low to play #hsbookoftheday (Ms. Katy)

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