HS DAILY – Wednesday, May 17, 2017


  • HS Athletics/Activities

Open Gym– Wednesday -HS Girls Volleyball. All who are interested are welcome to come. Prior experience on a team is not required.

Volleyball World Cup
– Friday, May 19th, in the gym at 4:15 with the semi-finals and finals! (Mr. Tananone)

  • Grades 9-11 Van der Poel

There will be a meeting for all Van der Poel members today at 1:35 in room L202 in the Modern Language Building. All Day 9 members are expected to attend. Thank you for your cooperation. (Mrs. Maeda)

  • HS Book of the Day

A supervolcano has exploded & your city & society have been destroyed. How would you survive in a world post apocalypse? #hsbookoftheday (Ms. Katy)

  • Tutor Period Rotations – Friday, May 19 (Day 1)

Grade 9 (P5+6): PP Framing our ideas – Classrooms + Tutor Rooms
Grade 10 (P5+6): Looking Ahead to IB DP – Mr. Pitter, Ms. McDiarmid + Tutors / LOFT
Grade 11 (P0): Study Hall / Exam Revision – Tutors / Tutor Rooms

  • Lip Dub Filming Schedule

17th of May – Day 9
10:40 – 11:15am

Hello, Lip-dubbers!

On the 17th of May (Wednesday) we will be filming in two locations for the YIS Lip Dub video. If your name is attached to this table, you have volunteered to participate and I am super excited to have you involved.

It’s very important to be present on time! Please don’t be late if you want to be part of the video.

Thanks guys!

Please memorize your parts 🙂


People needed

Meeting spot


  • Mr.Snowball

  • Ioanna Ntrongouli (10)

  • Sophie de Beaufort (10)

  • Eileen Chen(10)

  • Kenryo Mori (9)

  • Artin Yekeh Yazdandoost (9)

  • Shin Yano (10)

  • Jennifer Wada (7)

  • Kotaro Heywood (9)

  • Tan Egawa (9)

  • Mr.Ralph

  • William Hannah (9)

  • Background participants

Main school entrance

17th of May – Day 9
1:30 – 1:55pm (HS lunch)


People needed

Meeting spot


  • Michael Singer (10)

  • Noel Murao Rolufs (10)

  • Freddie Ramsey (10)

  • Dan Blustein (10)

  • Maho Nambu (10)

  • Emilee Boettger (9)

  • Hana Eginton (9)

  • Satono Toyaba (10)

  • Background participants


  • Grade 10 (Repeat)

Thank you to the tutor groups which have offered valuable feedback on the personal project. Your teacher will take time with you this week during morning tutor to finish this task. Everyone should add to the Skills Padlet individually, whereas the review document can be compiled as a class. (Ms. Katy)


Just a reminder to complete the survey sent to your school email to provide StuCo with feedback on events we planned and issues we addressed this year in order to better plan for next year. The link is below:

Regards, (HS StuCo)

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