HS DAILY – Monday, June 5, 2017


  • Summer Reading KickOff

Visit the library Tuesday during lunch to participate in the summer reading kickoff. We’ll have fun activities, a bingo card competition, a photo booth, and of course, lots of books to choose from for your summer. Come by to have some fun, pick up your summer reading monopoly board and win prizes. See you at lunch! (Library Council)

  • Student Ambassador Pizza Lunch

Dear Student Ambassadors,

As informed to you earlier by email, our pizza lunch will be held this week. Please remember to meet us in the Loft on Wednesday, June 7th during your lunch time. Looking forward to seeing you there! (Mr. Stanworth, Ms. Chen and Ms. Sophie)

  •  YIS Magazine

YIS Magazine is looking for submissions! Each Monday we will put a new prompt in the bulletin. You can submit poetry, prose, essays, artwork, photography, music–anything you’ve created. If you have something that’s not related to the prompt you can send that along too. Please send submissions to magazine@yis.ac.jp by Friday. (YIS Magazine)

This week’s prompt is: Home

  • Maths Challenge

The last Maths Challenge of 2016/17 is up.

3 more puzzles to test you.

They are due this Friday. (Mr. Harrison)


  • Ms. Barbour’s period 3 English class

Please go to M103 for class today. (Ms. Madrid)

  • Grades 9-11 Van der Poel

There will be a meeting for all Van der Poel members today at 1:35 in room L202 in the Modern Language Building. All Day 1 members are expected to attend. Thank you for your cooperation. (Mrs. Maeda)

  • Grade 9 Only

If you are helping with the grade 8 transition day, don’t forget the panel starts at 11:05 today. Thanks for helping out! (Ms. Madrid)


Tessa Coutts

Momoka Sakurai

Ryu Sato

Marleen W.

William H.

Hyun Seo C.

Kai Clark

Leander Blaich


Haruna Doi

Julynn Chen

Quirijn de Beaufort

Hana Chapman

Kenryo Mori

An Dan

Hana Egington

  • HS Book of the Day

When a bus accident leaves 16yo track star Jessica an amputee, she returns to school with a prosthetic limb & little hope of running again. (Ms. Katy)

  • StuCo Meeting May 30th (Repeat)

Today we welcomed the Juniors back after their exams, discussed the StuCo Retreat on the 13th of June, debriefed the 9&10 Dance, shared approved solutions for the Cafeteria lines, and created to-do lists for various events.

The Grade 9&10 Dance was a success, with 85 people attending, 43 students from Grade 9 and 42 students from Grade 10. Based on this positive attendance and interest, we have calendared four HS dances for next year.

The cafeteria lines have been a problem for some time, especially during the first few weeks as there are no clubs yet, and it is a bit too much for all of the High School to fit in the cafeteria. We developed a few solutions which were approved by Mr. Snowball that we wish to implement next year. A video will be coming out about the changes but below is a summary:

Both of the doors will be open in the front of the cafeteria.

Students will be able to exit (not enter) the student side of the back of the cafeteria during HS lunch only.

Loft will be available during HS Lunch the first two weeks (before clubs/activities begin).

Cafeteria lunch lines will be staggered – G9&10 will have access 1:15-1:25pm on odd days and G11&12 on even days.

After clubs/activities begin we will determine which of these policies we will continue and which are no longer necessary.

Regards, (Kate & HS StuCo)

  • High School Student Volunteers Needed in August (Repeat)

Are you going to be here in August? If so, the new teachers and their families could use your help! We need some friendly student volunteers to help with translating and labeling the buttons on appliances (washing machines, air conditioners, zombie containment units, etc.) from Japanese to English. If you think you can help, please contact either Mr Schneer (schneerw@yis.ac.jp) or Ms Holze (holzec@yis.ac.jp) (Mr. Schneer)

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