HS DAILY – Friday, June 9, 2017


  • Bake Sale during Science Fair (Gr. 6-10)

Science Fair is approaching! Grade 10 science fair will be running various exhibitions including BAKE SALE! Enjoy the bake goods while exploring science.

Don’t forget your money and don’t miss out the bake goods! See you there! (Ayaka M)

  • Science Fair 2017 (Repeat)

You’ve made your choices, now have a look at which activity you will take part in during period 3/4 on Monday! Go to the MYP Science Blog and click on the activities to find which one of your 3 choices, you have been assigned to! You will also see who you will be working with, which room to go to and the basic plan for the session.

Please let your science teacher know if you have any questions! (The Science Department)


  • HS Book of the Day

A story of revolutionary idealism, music, & silence in China’s history, from Chairman Mao to Tiananmen Square #hsbookoftheday #SummerReading (Ms. Katy)

  • Tutor Period Rotations – Monday, June 12 (Day 6) (Repeat)

Grade 11 (P0): University Counselling – University Essays / Summer Plans – Tutors + Ms. McDiarmid + Mr. Pitter / Tutor Rooms

  • High School Student Volunteers Needed in August (Repeat)

Are you going to be here in August? If so, the new teachers and their families could use your help! We need some friendly student volunteers to help with translating and labeling the buttons on appliances (washing machines, air conditioners, zombie containment units, etc.) from Japanese to English. If you think you can help, please contact either Mr Schneer (schneerw@yis.ac.jp) or Ms Holze (holzec@yis.ac.jp) (Mr. Schneer)

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