HS DAILY – Wednesday, June 14, 2017


  • Students

Could the following students please meet me at M201 at 1.45pm. Please do not be late:

Gr. 9 – Reina K, Sato M, Haruna, Aura, Jaemin, Kiyoka K, Airi K, Da Eun, Julynn, Kenryo, Anna T, Shaolun, William H, James I, Marleen.

Gr. 10 – Simon C, Grace, Maho, Lisa I, Momoka S, Michael M-S, Jinho, Tijm, Sophie de B, Emily & Emma, Helena, Lachlan, Kana K, Satoki, Vivien, Eileen, Aitor, Ayaka M, Ayano Y, Pia, Kohsei, Saya, Michelle C.

(Mr Snowball)


Students will move from class at 2.25pm today and go to the Auditorium via the park. (Mr. Snowball)

  • CHIKU – last meeting!

Today, M103, 1.30pm. (Mr. Snowball)

  • HS Book of the Day

An over the top funny beach read about filthy rich families who plot, gossip, shop, backstab, travel, eat and argue #hsbookoftheday (Ms. Katy)

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