HS DAILY – Thursday, June 15, 2017


  • Leaving students – laptop return

Good morning,

If you are a leaving student (i.e. you will not be returning to YIS next year), you need to drop off your laptop and charger at the IT Office as part of the checkout process. I would strongly encourage you to do that this morning (Thursday). You will need to bring both your charger and laptop.

If you have lost your charger, you will need to buy a new one before we can sign your checkout form. Please come to the IT Office today so we can give you the invoice to pay for the charger (7000 yen).

Drop by the IT Office if you have any questions.

Thanks, (Mr. Edwards)


  • Grades 9-11 Van der Poel

There will be a meeting for all Van der Poel members today at 1:35 in room L202 in the Modern Language Building. All Day 9 members are expected to attend as well as all Day 1 members if they are free. Thank you for your cooperation. (Mrs. Maeda)

  • HS Book of the Day

Since I type these tweets on my iPhone, it seems appropriate that today’s #hsbookoftheday is a shoutout to the man behind the movement. (Ms. Katy)

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