MS DAILY – Friday, September 1, 2017


  • Summer Reading Party

Today’s summer reading party has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. A new date will be announced next week. Bookish apologies, which everyone knows are of the most sincere variety. (Ms. Katy)


  • After Morning Tutor

Today after morning tutor, you will be doing something a little different than normal:

Grade 6: Go to Loft

  • Hear StuCo speeches
  • Sign up for activities

Grade 7 and 8

After tutor, go to classroom to meet up with Dragon Day Group to work on your ATL video you started last week.

Group 1-4

M113 w. Ms. King

Group 5-8

M403b with Mr. Kumamoto

Group 9-12

M201 with Ms. Latve

Group 13-15

M103 with Mr. Parker

Group 15-17

M307 with Mr. Schneer

Group 18-20

M301 with Ms Urquhart

  • Students should have finished filming their one minute video about ATL for an audience of grade 6s.
  • Students may be given 10 minutes to finish any editing
  • Students then upload video to blog AND submit using this link
  • Students then complete an individual reflection using this link

(Ms. Madrid)

  • MS/Athletics/Activities

MS Activities– Online signups will open today September 1st at 9 am, All non athletics activities officially begin on Monday, September 11th. Even if you have already been partaking in a club/activity please make sure you officially sign up.

Grade 6– Please remember that Mr. Broughton and Ms. Madrid will help you during tutor groups with the sign ups. (Mr. Tananone)

  • MS Book of the Day

4 mismatched kids, a mysterious billionaire, time travel, famous historic events and action packed adventure? Awesome ebook. #msbookoftheday (Ms. Katy)

  • MS Chowa Needs You! (Repeat)

Drop by to Mr Hutton’s room (306) during lunch time on Tuesday next week to find out a little more about what we do. In the club, we will learn to use InDesign (a professional publishing tool) to design the pages that will record all the fun and excitement of YIS for years to come. If you can’t make it but have questions, see Mr Hutton or email him anytime! (Mr Hutton)

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