HS DAILY – Thursday, October 5, 2017


  •  Raffle Ticket Collection

The PTSA would like to remind us that the Food Fair raffle ticket collection begins tomorrow from 8am – 9am. The collection point is outside the school office. (Ms Vitty)

  • Service Groups at Food Fair

Are you a part of a service group or initiative and would like to participate in advocacy and fundraising at the Food Fair? If so, please read these Food Fair guidelines for service groups and Complete this application form. Due Friday, October 13th. (Ms.Urquhart)

  • Society’s Impact On Teenagers Fashion Survey (Repeat)

For personal project, I’m researching about
society’s impact on teenagers self expression through fashion. This is
an anonymous survey so it would mean a lot you could fill it out.
Survey link: https://goo.gl/forms/JVRFtBmgY6mi4ob72

Thank you! (Elena. L)


  • Grade 10: Let’s talk about your PP and your research

Thursday October 5: What questions do you still have about your topic? How can you answer those questions? (Ms. Katy)

  • “The End of the Sidewalk” (Repeat)

Dear High School Students,

My name is Sarah Brauer and I’m a junior. I am currently directing a film called “The End of the Sidewalk” with the co-director Eduardo Espinosa. The story follows a girl and a boy, both of which are depressed for different reasons, and development of their friendship and helping each other with their problems. We are going to be having auditions for the roles on Monday (4:30~5:30) and Friday (4:00~5:30), after school in Mrs. Macdonald’s drama room, where we will be providing you with parts of the script to act out. We will be looking at expressing emotions, commitment and interest in the film, and flexibility in time. The film will be entered into the Kanto plains film festival, and will count towards CAS for 11 and 12 grades.

Please note: Actors will have to pay for any transportation to get to sets.

Please be advised: some parts contain strong language and/or violence so any student auditioning needs to be aware of this. Also, as the play explores mental health issues, the issue of self-harming behavior is explored in this film.

The roles to try out for:

  • Main roles
  • Charlie
  • Anne
  • Other characters:
  • Alcoholic-Abusive father
  • Mother
  • Film extras
  • Bruno (bouncer)
  • friends
  • teacher
  • partiers

If you are interested in acting in the film please come along on either Monday or Friday to try out, or drop in to show your interest if you are not free on those days to audition.

(Sarah Brauer and Eduardo Espinosa)

  • HS Games this week (Repeat)

1. Varsity Girls Volleyball against ASIJ @ ASIJ on Wednesday, October 4th
2. Varsity Girls Volleyball against Yokota @ YIS on Saturday, October 7th

Good luck to all athletes competing this week! (Dragon Council)

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