MS DAILY – Thursday, October 5, 2017


  •  Raffle Ticket Collection

The PTSA would like to remind us that the Food Fair raffle ticket collection begins tomorrow from 8am – 9am. The collection point is outside the school office. (Ms Vitty)

  • Service Groups at Food Fair

Are you a part of a service group or initiative and would like to participate in advocacy and fundraising at the Food Fair? If so, please read these Food Fair guidelines for service groups and Complete this application form. Due Friday, October 13th. (Ms.Urquhart)

  • Society’s Impact On Teenagers Fashion Survey (Repeat)

For personal project, I’m researching about
society’s impact on teenagers self expression through fashion. This is
an anonymous survey so it would mean a lot you could fill it out.
Survey link:

Thank you! (Elena. L)


  • MS Dance (Repeat)

MS Students! This Friday is the first dance of the year from 5:30-8pm. Hope to see you all there! (Ms. Barbour)

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