HS DAILY – Tuesday, October 10, 2017


  • Playground closed at 3:20 pm today

MS/HS Students,

Please be advised that the playground is closed today after school when we dismiss at 3:20pm. There are simply too many ES students and parents around at this time to ensure safe ball play. (Mr. Redlich)

  • PP Survey: Limited resources in the YIS community

Hiya! For my personal project I am raising awareness about the limited resources in the YIS community. I am thinking of opening a shop on Instagram where people can buy/donate second hand items. So sorry for making you take another PP survey but it would really help me! Thank you1 (An Dang)

Link: http://yis.jp/ppsurvey

  • Party in the Library

Calling all Percy Jackson fans! There is a library party after school on Friday this week. We have a Percy Jackson quiz, a movie, fun activities, and lots of snacks! Sign up here so you can pin the eye on the Cyclops and bob for Ambrosia. (Ms. Katy)


  • Tutor Period Rotations – Wednesday, October 11 (Day 6)

Grade 11 (P0):

Tutor Rooms
Time with Tutors
GCD / CAS Reflection Time
Tutors to check in with students and have a look at reflections in CAS and/or GCD Blog…

Grade 12 (P0):

CAS / GCD Reflection – Time with Tutors
Tutors to check in with students and have a look at reflections in CAS and/or GCD Blog…

  • HS Book of the Day

Tried Nina LaCour yet? If you like realistic fiction that wrangles with deep emotions & relationships, she’s your author. #hsbookoftheday (Ms. Katy)

  • Movie Night (Repeat)

HS students!

Give us your suggestions for what movies you would like to see at the movie night! The movie night will be held in the language building November 10th from 4 to 6pm, before the dance.

Feel free to give us your requests at the form below, and come check out the movies you would like to watch!


(Mrs. Harrison)

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