HS DAILY – Thursday, October 12, 2017



Today is the STITCH Coffee House event from 4-6 on the roof (if its sunny) or in the cafeteria (if its rainy). Please come by, have some beverages and snacks and enjoy the performances provided by both YIS teachers and students! It will be a fun afternoon.

Thank you & Hope to see you all there. (HS STUCO)

  • AISA Girls Volleyball Tournament Live Streaming

Good morning,

We are planning to live stream the AISA Girls Volleyball Tournament (Oct 19-21st) on Youtube.

We would really love your support! Click here to subscribe to our Live Stream channel. You may need to login to Youtube if you haven’t already.

Thanks! (Mr. Edwards)

  • PP Survey: Limited resources in the YIS community (Repeat)

Hiya! For my personal project I am raising awareness about the limited resources in the YIS community. I am thinking of opening a shop on Instagram where people can buy/donate second hand items. So sorry for making you take another PP survey but it would really help me! Thank you1 (An Dang)

Link: http://yis.jp/ppsurvey

  • Book by awesome G11 female author

Yesterday was day of the girl child! To celebrate, read this book by @yis’s awesome G11 female author Kana. #esbookoftheday #personalproject (Ms. Katy)


  • Special Schedules Next Week

G10, G11, and G12 Students: Next week you will all be on special schedules as a result of seminar week for G12 and some special sessions for G10 and G11. We have done our best to make the week useful for all.
As an added bonus, we have moved the regularly scheduled HS lunch to the 12:35-1:15 slot, as it was last year so everyone will be able to eat a little earlier.

Please note, you may be in different classrooms than usual (even for registration). Here are the schedules for you to review:

Student Copy – G10 Student Copy – G11 Student Copy – G12

All students should consult with these schedules to determine where they should be and when. Your tutors will review these with you this week to make sure you know where you need to be and when you need to be there. (Mr. Redlich)

  • HS Athletics/Activities

Dragon Council – Meeting this Friday, October 13th in the Dance Studio at 1:20. All DC members participating in AISA or helping with AISA please make sure to attend.

HS Tennis – Varsity Boys and Girls going to KANTO please meet with Ms. Yoko and Mr. Zaal in the dance studio on today, from 1:15-1:30.

(Mr. Tananone)

  • Volleyball Tournament during Seminar Week

Grade 10, 11 & 12 students and teachers

Hey dragons! Do you want to show-off your volleyball skills? Have you ever wanted to join the volleyball team but didn’t have the time to? Or just wanted to try the sport? Feel like you’ll need a break during seminar week? Want to relieve some stress by dominating a team of teachers?

The YIS Snow Club is hosting a volleyball tournament during seminar week on Thursday the 19th, so come on down and participate! To join, you must create a team of 6 players. The tournament will start at 4:15 in the Gym!

Entrance fee: 300 per person (6 player per team, minimum 2 boys or 2 girls per team)

There are limited spots and it’s first come first serve so hurry!

All proceeds will go to help Chill Japan, an NPO supporting Japanese children affected by natural disasters by teaching them how to snowboard!

Even if you aren’t participating, come over and cheer your friends! We will have food and drinks for sale!

SIGN UP HERE: bit.do/volleyball-tournament

Come show your school spirit and GO DRAGONS! (YIS Snow Club)

  • HS Book of the Day

Yesterday was day of the girl child! Celebrate by reading about a simple village girl who accomplished an extraordinary feat #hsbookoftheday (Ms. Katy)

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